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BONOKOSKI: Parliament Hill rink still a mess

It’s that ugly time of the year in our nation’s capital when partially-melted snow has begun revealing beds of unpicked-up dog turds blossoming along the byways in advance of the annual Tulip Festival. 682 more words


BONOKOSKI: Fear and loathing on Parliament Hill

Is a “very, very powerful” politician about to be outed?

High-profile Liberal operative and former Sun Media-Sun News columnist and commentator, Warren Kinsella, has thrown the Canadian political scene into high anxiety by… 602 more words


BONOKOSKI: The curious case of Joshua Boyle and Justin Trudeau

The majority of mainstream media seemed intent upon bending over backwards to initially avoid mentioning Justin Trudeau in the same story in which Afghanistan detainee Joshua Boyle was arrested and jailed in Ottawa over the New Year’s on 15 serious criminal changes. 883 more words


EDITORIAL: Liberals unethical pick for new ethics commissioner

Talk about a bogus appointment process.

The Liberals have known for ages that ethics commissioner Mary Dawson was due to leave her post in early January. 353 more words

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BONOKOSKI: 'Town that fun forgot' lives on with Rink of Rules

Back in the late 20th century, celebrated Macleans columnist Allan Fotheringham dubbed Ottawa the “town that fun forgot.”

It stuck like gum on a shoe. 575 more words


EDITORIAL: Parliament Hill rink exposes a government out of touch

If there’s one thing Canadians are really good at, it’s planning and building outdoor hockey rinks.

So why then are the bureaucrats up on Parliament Hill so inept at it? 335 more words


WARREN: Government bureaucrats need to be held accountable too

The epitome of stupid and wasteful decisions was the one in Ottawa last week that would have seen $5.6 million of public money spent on a temporary hockey rink for 26 days on Parliament Hill. 638 more words