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BONOKOSKI: 'Town that fun forgot' lives on with Rink of Rules

Back in the late 20th century, celebrated Macleans columnist Allan Fotheringham dubbed Ottawa the “town that fun forgot.”

It stuck like gum on a shoe. 575 more words


EDITORIAL: Parliament Hill rink exposes a government out of touch

If there’s one thing Canadians are really good at, it’s planning and building outdoor hockey rinks.

So why then are the bureaucrats up on Parliament Hill so inept at it? 335 more words


WARREN: Government bureaucrats need to be held accountable too

The epitome of stupid and wasteful decisions was the one in Ottawa last week that would have seen $5.6 million of public money spent on a temporary hockey rink for 26 days on Parliament Hill. 638 more words


Liberals unveil new federal workplace anti-harassment legislation

OTTAWA — The federal government is embarking on a regulatory overhaul to crack down on harassment in federal workplaces, from Parliament Hill to local bank branches. 629 more words


Tory MP Alice Wong accuses Liberal MP Adam Vaughan of intimidating her over House of Commons heckle

OTTAWA — Conservative MP Alice Wong says she was riding a bus back from Parliament Hill when she started to feel intimidated by a fellow passenger. 522 more words


SPRING INTO ACTION –Move From What Stops You to What Calls to You!

** What fears or anxieties stop you from moving toward your greatest dreams and aspirations? Are you experiencing “political anxiety?”

** How can you make the shift to Optimism and Action? 829 more words

2017 #UULent

#UULent has been created as a way for Unitarian Universalists to engage in a shared spiritual practice alongside siblings in faith who are observing Lent. In some Christian traditions, in preparation for the celebration of Easter, the faithful make a personal sacrifice as a way of bringing them closer to G*d, and reminding them of the sacrifices that Jesus and his followers made. 228 more words

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