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Meditation Commentary - Feeling Safe In Turbulent Times

Meditation Commentary – Feeling Safe In Turbulent Times

How can we keep our peace in turbulent times?   Solitude is an essential tool to keep our inner peace in hard times. 171 more words


Saving Grace and Unlimitedness

This morning I awakened from what we commonly call a nightmare and found it difficult to shake off quickly, which is something I’m pretty good at. 900 more words

Reality, Alertness, Openness: meditation

We begin online advancing meditation practice with experiencing:

  • Reality through Presence
  • Alertness which points to an unwordable quality of Being
  • and Openness which when experienced as it is reveals sameness, impartiality, neutrality, and expansive equanimity.
  • 70 more words


Euphoria is a wonderful feeling. It is a sense of overwhelming excitement and happiness. But it is not sustainable in this life. In fact, if we lean on euphoria, on very real and powerful emotions, then we can easily be deceived. 408 more words


Flaws And Mistakes

The flaws
are built in.
They refract —
might distort
what’s inside
but also might
throw rainbows
at your eyes.

The mistakes
cover the facets. 107 more words


Assurance for the New Year

When we look at the world there are many things that frighten us. Tornadoes, wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, AIDS, cancer and many other disasters and diseases cause untold amounts of suffering for thousands of people all over the world.  408 more words


America: Going Down the Drain?

Somehow, over the years, something happened to the United States and its people. In 1945—the year I was born—we were one of the few countries involved in the Second World War that were not in ruins. 258 more words