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What I Do or Who I Am?

If I’m a Christian, claiming to become more like Jesus, is my Christianity what I do or who I am? We get very closely identified with our jobs and when people ask, we say I’m a teacher, a lawyer, secretary, whatever. 151 more words


May 23

“A person is happy who in their present circumstances, whatever they may be, is satisfied and on friendly terms with the condition of their own life.” – Seneca… 252 more words

Meditation Commentary - Extraordinary You

Please find this weeks meditation commentary, again it is from the release your wings youtube channel.

We are Souls not this body.  A point of immortal light,  seated in the middle of the  forehead, in between the eyes.  8 more words



joe bonamassa
buddy guy
open the day
is strong
behind the clouds
this arena
may be bold, buddyroe
I’m gonna… 7 more words

May 22

“How evil and guilty a slavery the person is forced to serve who is dominated in turn by pleasures and pains, those most untrustworthy and passionate of masters.” – Seneca… 238 more words