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① memo 20160925 ~ Dawn ~ Over Aegean sea , Greece (2016)

① Memo

The Suez Canal, Port Said to Suez, Egypt

“It is recorded that Egypt was the first country to dig a canal across its land with a view to activate world trade.  The Suez Canal is considered to be the shortest link between the east and the west due to its unique geographic location; it is an important international navigation canal linking between the Mediterranean sea at Port said and the red sea at Suez.  1,060 more words


“La Lonja del Mar”, a most delicious coastal taste in Madrid

One of the most outstanding restaurants in Madrid specialized in fish and seafood, “La Lonja del Mar” offers three different atmospheres through three different restaurants at the same building: “La Lonja”, “Raw Bar” and “La Mar”.        164 more words


Snapshots: Capri

“Snapshots” is an ongoing feature for From These Oceans, designed to display ten of the best images of a certain location, experience or event.

All photos are taken by Conor McLeod unless otherwise stated.


A window to the Mediterranean

Goat’s Hair Cave – Gibraltar

Caves facing the Mediterranean sea on the East side of the Rock of Gibraltar



One thing the residents of Barcelona will tell you is that the city is constantly “en obras.”  Which means that wherever you are, turn a corner and there will be some kind of construction work going on. 83 more words

The Sidewalk Poems

Holocaust survivor Hannah Goslar Pick, a close friend of Amsterdam’s Anne Frank, told us “we have to try and live in peace together”, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel


That admonition was brought home in a most personal way when we had the opportunity to sit spellbound in the Education Center at Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Jerusalem, Israel, and listen to the amazing personal life story of a Holocaust survivor.  2,423 more words