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This has a very Japanese aesthetic to it, don’t you think?


Fountains Day and Night

I don’t think a whole lot of words need be said about these fountains – I just like the juxtaposition of day and night with the common theme of moving water. 11 more words


Bikes Around Town

Another regular subject for me is bicycles and public transportation. Here are four more bicycle photos seen around town.

A couple walking home together. He’s using a Bikeshare bike, which is a pretty positive commentary on their adoption by more than just tourists. 143 more words


Ball's Bluff - Ed Bearss

Here’s another photo of Ed Bearss I took on the Ball’s Bluff tour, as he’s describing the battle in front of the sign at the park entrance, armed with one of his US Marine Corps- themed swagger sticks. 19 more words


Ball's Bluff Battlefield

Another stop on the tour I did with Ed Bearss earlier this month was the battlefield of Ball’s Bluff. Ball’s Bluff was a very significant early battle in the Civil War – while in the grand scheme of things a minor engagement with a total of three hundred or so Union casualties (including drowning deaths of soldiers trying to escape the Rebel onslaught across the Potomac River, swollen with recent rainwater), the Union loss and its aftermath (bodies of soldiers who drowned fleeing the battle washed up in Washington DC and as far south as Fort Washington, some 60 miles downriver) were shocking enough that they triggered the formation of a joint committee comprised of senators and congressmen, the Committee on the Conduct of the War. 520 more words


Monocacy Battlefield - The Farms - Best Farm

The Best farm is the largest remaining property on the battlefield at Monocacy. The original property was 750 acres, today it retains 270-some. The property was owned by a white family who immigrated from Santo Domingo (now Haiti) at the beginning of the 19th century, fleeing political and social unrest after the slave rebellion on the island. 562 more words