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It’s okay to wander sometimes when you feel lost.
It’s okay to cry when your eyes can no longer bare the pain.
Within your mind are the thoughts battling to take the front seat. 110 more words


Don't Put Creativity Last in Your Copy

While crunching analytics data and researching the market are vital to creating great copy, they are not the only factors.

I’m want to celebrate and defend one increasingly overlooked aspect of what makes a great copywriter: creativity. 20 more words


Psychic Surfing; staying in the daily flow

So I like micro blogging about my daily psychic and intuitive experiences. I blog because it’s fun, I get to keep track of what I like to write about, and I also get to keep track of my psychic experiences and teach others how these abilities may aid them in their own day to day lives. 952 more words


Crunchyroll #50: Naruto's Ramen from "Naruto"

I revisit this classic in celebration of my two year anniversary! Check out the recipe here!


Going to try to upload my Medium export into this WordPress.com site.

Honeycomb Toffee: It's the Bee's Knees!

This is a candy that goes by many names: cinder toffee, sponge candy, sponge toffee, sea foam, puff candy, hokey pokey, fairy food candy, and old fashioned puff. 960 more words

Gluten Free