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Find the blessings in your current situation

Here is the card of the day!

This card is appearing because there is a blessing that isn’t being acknowledged now. Instead of worrying about what’s not working, or looking for the next step, appreciate what is working. 81 more words

Can I Just Get A Small, Please?

This is a conversation I just had with a waitress at a fast-food joint:

Me: … and a small Coke, please.
Fast-food waitress: We only have medium and large. 147 more words


Excuse me while I make a swift Brexit

On the still-hotly-debated-but-now-rather-tedious dinner party subject of Brexit the other night, some kiwi friends and I got to talking about foreign exchange holidays at school. Did you ever do one? 619 more words


Peace is only a choice away

This is a good card for me. It is reminding me to choose peace in all things. It’s easy to forget that our emotions are actually a choice. 158 more words

Blue (Bleu) :: Braque cross :: Dept 17 Charente Maritime


LOVING HOME URGENTLY NEEDED FOR ‘BLUE’ – (He needs re homing with no other dogs)…

We are urgently searching for a home for our beautiful ‘Blue’ so that he can live a peaceful and less stressed life. 370 more words