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How to Punk Your Steam Part 8.2: Make it Supernatural (Prove it!)

In yesterday’s post I talked about the cultural and intellectual climate that made a resurgence in the belief in the supernatural possible during the 19th century. 1,334 more words


26th September

News and features

“All of a sudden this woman (being massaged) turned into a very slender, very pale, kind of ash-skin alien with big eyes and a very big head.” 288 more words

Negative Psychic Readings Hang up :)

Sometimes, psychics advertise that they are “Straight to the point.” This might as well scream ” I will not care about your feelings during this reading.” There is no rules written in stone that a reader has to be nice,but to me as a psychic you are given a gift to help others. 165 more words

Results of an Experiment to Detect the Presence of Spirits

I first noticed Dr. Schwartz when I came across a YouTube video, where he gave a presentation to the 7th Annual Spiritist Society in Dallas, Texas. 450 more words


Every Girl Should Try Different Mediums

This idea was inspired by my very first video blog post: Every Girl Should Learn To Manifest .

I started my own youtube channel to start reaching people on a new medium in a new way. 118 more words

Every Woman/Girl Should

Houdini. Skeptic. (Book Review)

Harry Houdini needs no introduction, but there are several facts that people do not know about this consummate skeptic. That makes this book a must for everyone interested in psychics and paranormal claims. 976 more words


Public Speaking To Death Alone. 


Phobia, Shmobia

by Thoughts of a Senior Citizen.

Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?

I have several terrors that I try to overcome, one is heights – I would never, ever do a parachute jump. 719 more words

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