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Candle Magic (connecting with your God/Goddess)1

Welcome and join me in my rendition of connecting with the
God and Goddess. This is the way I do and you can take it and change it to your liking. 241 more words

Grieve Easy, Be a Medium?


I hear comments all the time about the fact that I am “one of the lucky ones” or “at least you can hear your loved ones.” People just assume when you are a medium that some how you have all of the answers and you just accept death as a part of life without it effecting us the same way as everyone else. 1,291 more words


My side of a reading.

When I think about readings and how to describe them my first image is of a fingerprint. No reading is ever exactly alike. Each soul is unique, each message is different and I never know what to expect. 1,183 more words

Cassadaga: In the details

Words and images by Cassidy Alexander

The spirit of the central Florida enclave of Cassadaga can be found in the details.

It’s in the tall, old houses with the wild front lawns; it’s in the seemingly high number of black cats wandering the streets; it’s in the peeling street signs bearing strange names; it’s in the drapes blowing on a front porch despite the lack of wind. 717 more words


Terry's Seminar Presentation

Writing With Spirit: Victorian Automatic Writing

 At times like these, with all our desks heaped with the end of term papers, it is a great relief to let someone else do the writing for a change.  1,976 more words

What makes anointing water, oil and handkerchief work.

What makes anointing water, oil and handkerchief work is what is in a man. You cannot give what you don’t have.Acts 19:11-12 God gave Paul the power to perform unusual miracles. 135 more words

Padded Rooms & Dead Markers

Padded Room

Padded Room

So I’ve figured out what I’m doing the rest of the semester: gonna do a stop-motion short and I’ve set it in a padded room. 238 more words