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Jesus: Messenger From God

Jesus is our messenger from God. He doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear. Jesus tells us what we need to hear. The people walking in darkness have seen a great light in the birth, life, and teaching of Jesus.  581 more words

Marc Kinna

A Grave Message

From ancient Egyptian mummies and tales of the afterlife to modern-day ghost stories and celebrity psychics, it has been evident throughout history that humankind has a strong fascination with the idea or life after death- or at least some sort of lingering posthumous existence beyond the grave. 744 more words


Messages from Beyond: How My Dad Connects With Me

Do you believe in the after life?  Do you believe that your loved ones have a way of communicating with you after they’ve crossed?

Has One of These Ever Happened to You? 2,929 more words

Gilbert Speaks with Ordained Minister and Medium, Beth Obrien

I’ve known Beth for several years now. She is a gentle soul who wants to help the people who seek her services. What is a… 662 more words

Do FBI Files Confirm The Extradimensional UFO Hypothesis?

No. No they do not.

When articles like this one and this one make the claim that recently released FBI files confirm that the government knows the UFO phenomenon is extradimensional in nature, they are referring to a single file: the now-infamous… 890 more words

UFO Phenomenon

Part 2: Tales From The Mall Kiosk, I See Dead People

Call me crazy, but I kept the job at the kiosk.

It was fun, I was performing a service… and I just love people. What can I say? 1,042 more words

Recent Read: The Possessions

When someone dies, they leave their physical possessions behind. These possessions allow loved ones to have something remaining of their dearly departed.

And in the case of Edie and the other bodies at the Elysian Society, it allows them to channel the departed’s spirit and personality while under the influence of a “lotus.” 291 more words