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Creative journal update

So its been a week since my first post and i am still struggling with members i have around 80 members but on seem to have around 20-25 people that have actually given me their names, which is a bit off putting and disheartening but it won’t stop the project from running, i have compiled the list so far, i am also trying to encourage people by posting in the group i created regularly (but not too much that they hide me from their news feed!!) ….. 65 more words

My, how quickly life can change!

It is with much joy and a whole lot of relief that I get to type these following words: I AM PREGNANT.  I’ve grappled with even typing them yet because I’m still quite early in my pregnancy, and having already had one pregnancy that didn’t go as planned, one would think that I would be more cautious in my announcement? 347 more words

"What Do You All Want?" Spread

A spread for spirit-workers and mediums

  1. How many spirits are in the house?
  2. Why are they here?
  3. What do they want from me?
  4. Are there any good spirits or bad spirits in here?
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The Parker J Cole Show: The Psychics: Can They Help You?

They can tell you what day to interview for the job. Using a scarf, they can tell you the name of your loved one. Give them your birthday and they can tell you what your life path will be. 125 more words

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What a sweet powerful little girl❤️👀🚴🏼👊🏻👓✌🏻️ Love yourself Dorothy Doctor

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Spirit Photography

In her preface to Chronicles Of The Photographs Of Spiritual Beings, Georgiana Houghton refers to the photographs she collected thusly, “I send them forth in full assurance that they carry a weight of evidence as to the substantiality of spirit beings far transcending any other form of mediumship.” The year was 1881, and Spiritualism was reaching its peak. 548 more words