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Ghosts – Misconceptions And Frauds

Recovered post and comments.

Throughout time, regardless of location or culture, ghost sightings have been a common occurrence. Phenomena presumed to involve the spirits of deceased people (haunting, poltergeist activity etc) remain of interest, not only to those experiencing them but to the curious in general. 1,662 more words

Exploring The Supernatural

I love it!!

Drying perfectly. Needs some detail and highlighting etc. But I’m in loveeee. This is opening up a whole world of possibilities with this kind of height in this paint. 19 more words

No Storm can last Forever


Verse 23 from the book, Living the Wisdom of the Tao as lived by Dr. Wayne Dyer.


“To talk little is natural, Fierce winds do not blow all morning, a downpour of rain does not last the day. 252 more words

My Parliament of Selves: Part 5/10 - The Séance in the Skull (a)

After my relatively recent preoccupation with dreams it seems appropriate to republish this sequence which is a fictional attempt to project my inscape into words. Dreams and day dreams feature quite a lot!  1,699 more words


How Allan Kardec Organized “The Spirits Book” and his other books

Allan Kardec was the codifier and the Spirit of Truth supplied the initiative for the third revelation, but do you wish to know how exactly Allan Kardec worked with the Spirit world and published his books? 11 more words


Who's that knocking on your door?

Our quest to check out the world of alternative worship continued earlier this week.

A midweek visit to the a local Spiritual Church. What could go wrong? 1,129 more words