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Do you keep a paint log?

I recently started keeping a more in-depth paint log so I can record my ratios of paint to medium, document the palette for particular paintings, and take any other notes as I prepare and once I finish a piece. 109 more words

Painting Tips

Cold Wax is the Thing

You may, or may not, have heard of Cold Wax.  I LOVE it.  I discovered this great medium a number of years ago and then went on a couple of courses with the incredible Abstract Painter… 107 more words

How the Spirit World Communicates to Us

There is constant communication from the spirit realm to our earthly physical world. We are, for the most part, unaware, but there are people, who have been given certain talents, who have the ability to receive messages from a different dimension. 36 more words


Jeff Phillips: Sake Date in a Mustard Field

The team escorted Nikki, a petite 41 year old with straight brown hair that flowed down to her waist, to the spot she visited every July 6th since 2011. 3,297 more words



Previously, I shared with you Scientists belief behind the Big Bang theory. Interestingly enough, science is able to validate the theory except for one little minuscule item; said with tongue-in-cheek. 446 more words

Life After Death - Series

The Tale of 2 Skeptics & Spiritualism

Spiritualism is the belief that the dead are inclined to and have the ability to communicate with the living. According to the Camp Chesterfield website… 1,253 more words

Paranormal History

Will Paint for "My People"

*(Really quick- before I get into the latest goings on- I just want to sort of set the story straight about being “spiritually stabbed” from my last post. 2,156 more words