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Review: Paranormality by Richard Wiseman

So I’m going to start writing some quick reviews again, because I like to and it gives me something to do.  I’m starting with a non-fiction just because it was the last thing I read. 500 more words


Master of (the/a/some) Medium

I’ve discussed before what I feel is a persistent discord between how art and artists are perceived and subsequently treated and how songs and musicians are perceived and subsequently treated. 572 more words


 Four billboards in forty metres, by JCDecaux.

A annotation of how the billboards on Woodseats Road are currently used, who uses them and who makes them.

The Quest of Rick Saturn the Bionic Knight Part Two: Into the Blue Flame Hair

Susan’s finger tapped the front page of the paper. A clear helmet cam shot of the potato sack covered head and the headline clear as day “Bionic is Back!” I admit I dropped the secondary name to go for the more Stan Lee style flare, but a by-line with a freelance cheque goes nicely for a start to the sabbatical. 900 more words

Bionic Knight

Thoughts after reading a book...

The book I read is called The Witch of Lime Street, Seance, Seduction, and Houdini in the Spirit World and is written by David Jaher. It’s about a Boston society woman who claimed to be a medium but was successfully debunked (more or less) by Houdini and others. 617 more words


How do the Internet and technology influence the arts, and how do artists respond to the digital age through the materiality of the art object? What materialistic strategies do they utilize to depict the digital realm in their works? 524 more words

Spiritual Science/Occultism/Superstition

There is a very prevalent opinion that what spiritual research says about the reality of higher worlds is merely the result of some form of ‘inspiration,’ so-called, or of subjective, intellectual deduction, or even of pure fantasy. 162 more words