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Russian Politicians on Instagram!

Artsy or deceptive? The question I asked myself when first viewing Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s Instagram profile which has garnered 2.7 million followers. CNN… 850 more words

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I numeri della nuova Unione Sovietica di Putin

Il 2017 sarà un anno decisivo per la Russia su scala internazionale, tra il nuovo gradito presidente americano Trump e l’avanzamento in Medio Oriente. Il Presidente russo Vladimir Putin deve però fare i conti con la forte crisi economica che colpisce il Paese e la sua gestione rischiosa del potere. 1,297 more words



Alan Zendell, April 11, 2017

Stephen F. Cohen is a Professor Emeritus in Russian Studies from Princeton and New York Universities. Over the last few months he’s often been interviewed on cable and network news programs concerning the charges that Russia was responsible for hacking the DNC and attempting to influence the 2016 election. 809 more words


Missing Cruise Missiles Strike Anunnaki Stronghold in Syria. ~ April 10, 2017

This is the most plausible explanation I have heard thus far about the American attack on the largely abandoned airbase in Syria. Please read, think about this, … 979 more words

Listening To The Generals

 ”Soon after Trump’s victory, I noted that everything would depend on how soon his election promises would be broken by the existing power machine. It took only two-and-a half months” 115 more words


KGB campaign

Being in terrible need of personal rating boost after total failure of his world domination escapades, KGB thug Putin decided to pull his favorite trick… 70 more words

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Moscow Protests

Russia is back on the blog after I posted a few photos of vintage Moscow last week. This time, it’s a bit of an explanation for the protests over the weekend, the biggest since… 210 more words

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