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Terrorist brought down the ancient people in the lands now called America?

The following quote is from the website restoredgospel.com:

American’s have never been attacked by terrorists on American soil before….or so recent historians claim. Is this true?

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Does it make you feel strong…
When you prey upon the weak?
Do you feel powerful…
Victimizing the meek?
One day you’ll pay the price, 19 more words


Meek and Broken

Meek & Broken

Oh Loud and Ugly Pride
Many nations will drown in your tide
Your walls of terror will be short-lived
For God’s people are being revived… 121 more words


Good and Evil

Do you feel free

Like somethin’ll be

Wrong and twisted

Hard and crested

A bird of a dark path in the wrong

A ripple of a drop in a pond… 53 more words


The Place I Seek

The place I seek

could be meek

I prefer it that way

as it suits me in a way

small  is beautiful

simple is always wonderful… 27 more words



Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

The meek person is one who is gentle, humble, considerate, and self-controlled. He does not get violent or fly off the handle or seek vengeance. 226 more words