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He is meek

Thinks before he speaks

There is something about him

That makes me want to peek

Meek + + + +

You may have no interest in knowing about symbols but I urge you to learn. Millions can’t read English but can read symbols in films. Search for the meanings behind: 6 or 5 pointed star (“standing” on 2 or 1 point), pyramids, sun (circle, circle with central dot, or with rays), 1 eye (with other covered or not there), hand signals (“victory” index & middle fingers) or raised index & small finger with 2 middle folded down). 354 more words



Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there’s just something about that Name…

As God reveals grace in His Word and Spirit and genuine fellowship with His kids, I’m genuinely staggered by the joy available to us who believe, trust, follow, and praise our Jesus! 155 more words


Meek but NOT Weak

It was 2 A.M. and I should have been writing a new scene to add to my story, but I wasn’t. I was deleting emails. Those precious hours that I sacrificed sleep for were wasted because I just couldn’t bully my way through anymore edits and I didn’t want to admit it. 739 more words

Crystal Caudill

What Was the Internet?

Feature Image: Photo by Makhmutova Dina on Unsplash

The day is coming sooner than we’d care to imagine when folks (the Meek Generation, and their children and grandchildren), will talk about the internet in the past tense. 569 more words


Job Listings: Post-Apocalypse

Feature Image: Photo by Michael Blum on Unsplash

Unless one understands the reality the Meek generation will be facing in the early days, months, years of recovery and rebuilding–a crumbled civilization that somewhat matches much of the Hollywood post-apocalypse paradigm, but a unity and peace among survivors that blows the Hollywood paradigm out of the water–these rudimentary job listings will not have much context. 143 more words

The Kingdom

What does it mean the meek will inherit the earth?

What did Jesus mean when He said the meek will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5)?

Depending on what dictionary you use, the English word meek leaves different impressions — gentle, submissive, compliant, spineless, humble and maybe even a bit cowardly. 563 more words