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7: Meeting Joe Black Once Again

I was browsing through the cable channels last night and I luckily chanced upon one of my favorite (forgotten) movies of all time – Meet Joe Black.❤️ 173 more words

Dance Like a Dervish!

I love the movie Meet Joe Black.  In a certain scene in the movie William Parrish (played by Anthony Hopkins) is speaking to his daughter Susan Parrish (Claire Forlani) about living and loving, encouraging her not to “settle” but to embrace passion like crazy.   124 more words


5 Remakes Better Than Their Originals

We’ve all been there: that moment watching the theater previews when you realize they are releasing a remake.

Most of the time, I look like ^this^ when remakes come out. 455 more words


14th February - That funny little date...

One of my earliest memories of Valentine’s day was when a boy at school bought me a “hot totty” mug with a “bang on the door” character on it – remember them? 712 more words



Sometimes aging does come with some benefits (boy, does it make me sound old).

Years ago “Meet Joe Black” came out into the cinemas and I didn’t rush to see it, because a) the storyline didn’t really appeal to me, and b) against all odds, I’m not a Brad Pitt fan. 443 more words


The bad hair days of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt movies are often easy to guess what year they are from because he often has the hot haircut at the time. They are often terrible in retrospect. 306 more words



Brad Pitt, in Meet Joe Black.

Around 3:00 a.m. my cell phone began vibrating frantically below the pillow my head rested upon so comfortably in my bed. 535 more words