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Outcome Dependency

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Outcome Dependency

“As Soon as you stop Wanting Something, You Get It” -Andy Warhol… 2,598 more words

Social Skills

Meet: Cinzia Bolognesi

Hi guys!

As many of you propably know I started italian language lessons only a couple of weeks ago. I am a big fan of the italian culture and people so, I am so excited that I finally got the change to learn more about them. 129 more words

Meet People

Rags and riches

My work takes me to both rags and riches. I don’t mind being in either, but I do want good working conditions. I have been in bad places as well as good places in both rags and riches neighbourhoods. 341 more words


Turkish delight

Travel to Mumbai on Turkish airlines. A pretty full flight sitting between a guy from Pakistan and a guy from Iraq. See how international Canada is. 241 more words

Happy Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a national holiday which is celebrated every year on the 1st of March. In the 1992. citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina voted in a referendum.  29 more words

Meet People

Meet: Antonio La Cava | il bibliomotocarro

Let me introduce you Antonio La Cava, a retired teacher who decided,  after 42 years of teaching, to spread the love for books to children who don’t have access to a library nearby. 204 more words

Meet People

Who we are?

We are Bosnian, we are Herzegovinian, we are Bosniac, Croat,  Serb. We are the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many different folk have lived across the lands that make up this country. 702 more words

Meet People