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post NEXT excitment

Now we are back at CIID after the easter holidays Mimi has put together  great video from the NEXT conference in Arhus where some of us were exhibiting our… 10 more words

"meet The Food You Eat" Excitment!

tv, take 2

Today the meet the food you eat scale was back on TV. Preben Meyer founder of the Innovation Lab was on another talk show for TV2 (Denmark) this afternoon, and requested to have the scale with him again… but this time live from Aarhus. 10 more words

"meet The Food You Eat" Excitment!

NEXT here we come!

After a busy few days we are all ready and packed for the NEXT exhibition this week. Sid is heading off tomorrow to Aarhus, and Adam and myself will join him on friday after our service design presentations.I will try and keep updated with what is happening at the conference when i am there!

"meet The Food You Eat" Excitment!

Amazing morning in tv2 studio

When the sun was coming up at 5.30 this morning so were the ‘meet the food you eat’ team! After 2 hours sleep we embarked on an adventure to central station, to the TV2 studio. 130 more words

"meet The Food You Eat" Excitment!

Meet the food you eat goes live on TV2!

Tomorrow morning Sid, Adam myself will be embarking on an adventure to the TV2 studio in Copenhagen. Innovation Lab’s Founder, Preben Mejer, will be on “Go’ Morgen Danmark” discussing the… 53 more words


Meet the food you eat at NEXT

We got some Super exciting news today that Adam, Sid and I are getting to exhibit meet the food you eat at the NEXT exhibition in April organised by the… 29 more words

Tangible User Interfaces (TUI)

"Meet the food you eat" on Treehugger

Today Adam, Sid and i were super excited to see that our Project had been featured on Treehugger, this was really great for us, as throughout the project we had used this website as one of our keys sources of information, data and inspiration. 84 more words

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