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Final Training Before The Derby

The Derby is upon us! Tomorrow’s match will be tense as usual. I’m really hoping that we make a strong showing. 1,159 more words

Bits And Bobs

This is History: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Chicago Blackhawks Play First Game in 1926, 'Meet the Press’ Debuts, JFK Assassinated, Clinton Impeachment

Dave Plier and Roger Badesch discuss The Gettysburg Address, the first color Sunday comic, the Chicago Blackhawks play their first game in 1926, the premiere of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ in 1947, JFK is assassinated, ‘Who Shot JR’ is revealed in 1980 and the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky scandal sweeps the nation. 18 more words

Chicago Blackhawks

News Has Become a Geico Commercial

Great advertising works because the advertisers uncannily understand the psychological dynamics of the moment even before it is commonly recognized. Take for example the “Great Answer” series of Geico commercials. 765 more words

A Senior's View of Sexual Harassment

I grew up in an interesting era – one in which young women were just beginning to realize they had power of their own and started burning bras and openly discussing sex before marriage. 1,072 more words