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Why Owls?

  • Owls are very important to humans( like killing mice).
  • Many mysteries about owls. Our understanding of owls is very limited.
  • The movement, anatomy, and physical features (vision, hearing, etc) of owls are really cool.
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Meeting Notes

Dec 2016

Pontiac Owners Association , December Christmas meeting was held Sunday, December 4th, 2016, in Bennington, Nebraska. The dinner meeting was held at Stumble Inn, owned by member Roger Nieman and his son, and was attended by fifty-five members. 113 more words

Meeting Notes

December Meeting

Here is the PowerPoint: December Meeting

Important Information:

  • New member dues need to be paid to the cashier by December 16th
  • Tutoring opportunities will begin in January for those interested…
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1 Dec meeting notes; 8 Dec reading list


Eleven people attended: Burt, Casey, Donna (read a chapter from Running with Hounds…and an English Degree), Glenda, Jo, JoAnne, Maddie (read a synopsis for… 108 more words

Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes for 12/4/16

The first thing we did in class was talk about core values. Then we talked about good speaking rules and/or speaking publicly. We were doing this because this afternoon we had a mock competition. 50 more words

Meeting Notes

20 Questions

What is the heaviest species of owl? The Great Gray.

Which species is the most widespread? The Barn Owl.

Does the Snowy Owl inhabit the U.S. 264 more words

Student Reports

Thanksgiving core values

This year for Thanksgiving, my family went to Florida. One of the core values we used was “We are a team.” This is because at the airport, we all looked for our plane, our luggage, and our rental car. 34 more words

Meeting Notes