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Meet her parents

A Safina Iqbal Story: For more visit her blog.

My dad comes three hours late. We had had this discussion over and over and over again. 1,143 more words


How To Survive Meeting Her Family

Congratulations are in order! You are dating someone new and it has gotten to the point where you have been invited to a weekend getaway with her family! 1,075 more words


Skating on Thin Ice

Being a city guy, Brian was afraid the ice on the pond was too thin and was going to break. His girlfriend, Lynn, tried to settle his fears, saying that she had skated on the pond every winter as she grew up. 347 more words


Getting Approval

What is it about meeting our partner’s parents that is so nerve-wracking?  I mean they are just people after all.  Sure in some cases their opinions and thoughts carry a lot of weight.   162 more words

She and Me

It was 5:30 p.m. and Alex was getting ready and so was I my mom was asking us where we were going and i told her we were going out with friends and she asked us boy or girl and i told her they were girls. 567 more words


I met his parents

Well, I met his whole family, really. At Thanksgiving, well two Thanksgivings. I love them all, especially the first house we went to.

Currently, I’m looking at two pictures taped on my wall made by his nieces. 311 more words


Wild 19, Part 3

There was a pool party thrown at my apartment complex last week.

I worked an early morning shift so I was already tired and didn’t really feel like being social. 2,159 more words