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Meeting Recap - 9/27


Emotional check-in: What’s your weather today?

Future Directions for SAFE NYC we have hit some roadblocks in trying to volunteer with organizations on the ground, as many do not need volunteers. 517 more words

Meeting Recaps

9/26 Meeting Recap: Striking a Chord

By: Leslie Ortega

For our first meeting of the semester, we had a guest speaker from Margin Walker, a live-music promotions marketing company. Matthew Barron started a digital media company to mix digital marketing with creative and experiential marketing, which allowed him attendance at every music festival to take high level pictures for free. 224 more words

Meeting Recaps

Amphitheatre Improvements

Near the end of last year, members of Council and former City Administrator David Dryhaug met with TRZ staff regarding needed improvements to the Amphitheatre. 443 more words


Meeting Updates

ICYMI: here are some updates from last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting:

Public Works

  • All temporary easements have been sign and work will soon begin on the sidewalks in Woodside Mill area.
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Public Works

Hope you enjoyed the ACT Workshop!

We want to thank you for attending the ACT Workshop on September 22, 2017 at Los Angeles County Superior Court, Monrovia Training Center.  Look out for the recap email in case you missed it.

Meeting Recaps

ACT Workshop: June 23, 2017 Minutes

ACT Workshop Minutes for June 23rd, 2017 is available for ACT members.  Please click icon below to access.

*Password-protected contents are for ACT members only.  Email at… 6 more words
2017 Meetings

Safest city in SC will have one of the best concert venues in SC!

“What if we could guarantee you more, bigger, better concerts at the Amphitheater, thus increasing your revenue—without costing you a single penny more?”

That’s the question Roger Dickson of TRZ Entertainment brought to Council several months ago. 403 more words

Economic Development