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I learned some exercise words

One day I applied learning English meet up event.

This times theme was short conversation(at sports gym).

Now I go to the gym 3 times a week so I felt so interesting it(#^^#) 111 more words


Great Bear Gathering

“Next item on the agenda: honey, and how can we get more of it”

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Welcome Back Picnic, Wed. 8/30

The Sewanee Civic Association would like to invite the community to a welcome back picnic, Wednesday, August 30, at St. Mark’s Hall, Otey Parish. The picnic will begin at 5:30 p.m. 130 more words

Red Balls

So what makes a good wallet? This, apart from horror films of the 1980’s, was the over-riding question for the group at Wednesday’s meeting. So easily sidetracked, us writers. 143 more words

Week 3: Meeting


  • Share the project so I can test out the levels I’ve drawn and see how they work – Better work flow
  • Character reactions in game is distracting – Focus on sounds instead of image in the corner…
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Week 3

Taylor and Leah's 1st Week Presentations

It is now Friday of the the first full week of school and they both have projects to present to their class today. The girls still love their new school and their teachers. 641 more words