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TMNT CLASSIC PARTY WAGON Mega Construx Set [PART #1 of 2]

Party on Don! Party on Mike!

The Mega Construx Party Wagon or just plain old “Turtle Van” has arrived from Amazon.

Picked up a bunch more rubbish….er toys and can’t wait to build em all. 348 more words


Samurai Leo and Mousers MEGA CONSTRUX SET

Another day, another Ninja Turtles Mega Construx set.

This one is Samurai Leonardo and he comes with four little mousers. Not much building here just the usual base, then put the mousers together, pose them and put the cool pictures up behind them on the sewer piping. 308 more words


Rocksteady and Foot Ninja MEGA BLOKS SET

Time to build another Mega Bloks set of figures. This time the mutant Rhino man who needs no introduction.

But first what does his head look like swapped onto a Foot Ninja’s body? 346 more words


Mega Bloks Bebop and Foot Ninja set

My first shipment of multiple TMNT Megablox / Mega Construx sets arrived this week from Amazon. I grabbed a couple of other cheap ones on ebay, but most of these sets have been gone for years from stores – and a lot of them probably never even made it to local retail where I live anyway. 911 more words


Big Apple 3 AM - CITY PIZZA LEGO SET with special TMNT Guests

So I was browsing away the toy aisle in Target this week when a particular toy caught my eye. City Pizza Рa basic Lego set consisting of a van, small table, scooter and two lego figures. 460 more words


Good old mega blocks!

Another game for quickly learning the sequence of the diatonic scale and with a little imagination can be played in so many variations.  I normally have 2-3 sets of these and split the children in pairs who then put the tower together in the right order. 83 more words