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New Years Resolutions

Happy New Years, everyone!

I hope you have had a wonderful New Years no matter where you were or what you were doing. Like last year, on the 31st I got on a bus (this time I took a Mega Bus and it was 100X better than the Greyhound) and made my way to Chicago. 824 more words


London calling

I’d never boarded a Mega bus with such a heavy heart before. Usually they are joyous occasions, a trip (usually to London) on the cheap to visit friends and to have a good time. 176 more words

Over the bridge

DAY 33


(Time 11:02 am)

Today is moving day.

I was a little tetchy again this morning, I blame my incessant panic that I’m going to miss any form of public transport, and with a mega bus to get to and two massive cases in tow we headed towards the Metro. 599 more words


Peter Greenberg says, "Take the bus!"

Many people are saying that this summer will be the busiest travel summer ever, so we knew we had to talk to Peter Greenberg. He’s our travel expert, and we never know where Peter will be when we call him. 48 more words

Steve Cochran

Squeezing in Scotland

In keeping with my rather sporadic attitude, last weekend I spontaneously decided to visit Edinburgh. 277 more words


Traveling Trap Queen: I Went to NY for A Day!

I’ve decided to start a new series where I share my pictures from my many trips I take this summer. It shall be called “Traveling Trap Queen” I am by no means a trap queen. 331 more words

Brighton, Aberdeen, and the perils of the mega bus.

It feels like forever since I have done to journey to my mums, and I have never been so excited to be sitting on two busses and a journey that totals up to 17 hours, three of which in the capital. 791 more words