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Christian Leaders and Celebrity Culture

I recently read about the “crash and burn” of another well-known Mega-church pastor.  It is truly heartbreaking.  We have all watched this movie before.  We cry every time.  489 more words

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Parents dragged to hell by their children

Pulling, yanking, screaming, kicking and carrying on. A child finally throws himself on the ground, refusing to go the direction the mother intends to go. 815 more words


Carrion Feeders … April 10, 2016

As many who know me are aware, my opinion of human beings in general is not very high. Like many open-minded people, however, there is a scale upon which I place people, according to the depths of their depravity and not just a high and a… 268 more words

Religion And Reason

Ending abortion; proof of renewal/revival

There are protest, protestors, and detractors. But quietly hanging in the background is a Crucifix. And quiet but not silent, a mass of citizens that love and desire to protect life so much as to be discomforted. 393 more words

The Circus Has Come to Town

A big brick building partially complete. I saw it across the street at an intersection. Brightly colored banners advertised the coming sensation. This great wonder of the world would be ready for open doors in the fall of 2016! 342 more words


Buffalo Bill Cody, Jack Hyles and Modern Evangelical Christianity

A Note from the author: Among my other credentials is my ordination to the Gospel Ministry.  I worked for several churches and was an assistant-chaplain for the US-Army Reserve. 2,900 more words