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Death Throes

So I haven’t said much since the election, but now I just gotta make an observation.

When Trump was elected I was shocked enough just by the fact he got as far as he did and got elected. 464 more words


The Bait and Switch of Leadership

Every year my associate pastor and I travel to southern California for a leadership conference. We get to hear from some of the best leaders and speakers from around the country on topics ranging from vision casting to team building, story telling (marketing) to orchestration. 1,225 more words


Lonna’s Lines, Strange News from around the World (Issue 7, "The Problem with Big Churches & Big Bucks, Part 1")

Not many people can say that they’ve visited the biggest church in America and the biggest church in the world.  I went to both of these, not as a welcomed speaker or acclaimed, best-selling author, but as a traveler needing a place to sleep. 977 more words


Venting and Mega Churches

So I saw this post on Facebook today that got me heated, but I chose not to respond because I’m not about losing my temper on social media … Been there. 695 more words


Romanticism in the Church

Within the last two years, I began sporadically attending what would be considered a “mega-church”. You know what I mean, the kind of church that actually has liquid creamer for their coffee rather than the dusty powdered stuff. 720 more words

Illusions of Believers / Mega Churches

Have you noticed the rise of “mega churches”? We have more and more people joining mega churches but our culture is decaying more and more, why? 1,035 more words

Spirit, Soul & Body

A Fool-proof Formula for Everything? No Fooling?

American magic.

It’s a funny term, particularly when spoken by missionaries who deal with witch doctor types and superstitions regularly. You just don’t expect them to look back across the Pond, smile, shake their heads indulgently, and say, “Yep, that’s American magic.” 570 more words