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An Open Letter to the Idea of Church

Church is such a strange concept. It’s so ingrained and immersed in the Western world. In many ways what the word currently represents is not necessarily what I want it to mean when I say “church” but it is the language with which we currently have and must function within it. 491 more words

Empty Churches

The photograph on this page is one of a series of abandoned churches around the world taken by German photographer Matthias Haker. Interestingly, he does not name the churches or the places where they can be located. 601 more words

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Strategic Warfare  (Holiness, Fasting and Unceasing Prayer)

I want to discus with you beloved brethren about the  crisis and proliferation of false prophets and false shepherds. 1,801 more words


The Underbelly of Mega-Churches

This is a guest post by Jack Watts, author (Amazon.com) and  blogger (https://pushingjesus.wordpress.com/)

The current state of evangelicalism, especially mega-churches, reminds me of a commercial that aired many years ago. 576 more words


Upcoming this Week

Last week we featured the first of our monthly guest posts. Our guest was Jack Watts, author (Amazon.com) and  blogger (https://pushingjesus.wordpress.com/) 35 more words

Is bigger better when it comes to churches?

Andy Stanley created quite a stir last week when he said in a sermon that people who prefer attending smaller churches are selfish.  He later acknowledged that such a blanket statement was inappropriate saying, “Heck, even I was offended by what I said! 185 more words


How Do Mega Churches Identify And Choose The Next Generation of Leaders?

How do mega pastors like Bishop T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen and Rick Warren identify and choose the next generation of leaders? A new study gives a look inside the process. 106 more words