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How to sync MEGA on Raspbian

MEGA is a cloud storage provider that can be used to store files and sync them across multiple devices. MEGA has a fully featured commandline client and daemon for Linux distributions, including Raspbian. 105 more words

Ακης Τσοχατζόπουλος "Είναι σκευωρία!-Εχουν παραγραφεί! Όλα στο φως! " Το ιστορικό δελτίο του MEGA της 28 Απριλίου 2011-Ετσι μας ενημέρωναν! [ΒΙΝΤΕΟ]

28 Απριλίου 2011
Ακης Τσοχατζόπουλος
“Είναι σκευωρία”
“Η αλήθεια θα κάψει τους σκευωρούς”
“επιθέσεις λάσπης και ψεύδους”
“αναγόρευσαν σε δήθεν αξιόπιστους τους κατηγορούμενους μάρτυρες”
“θα δώσω τη μάχη για την αλήθεια” 96 more words


Eden Hazard told to QUIT Chelsea and complete mega Real Madrid transfer

That’s according to Sky Sports pundit Graeme Souness.
Eden Hazard has been linked with a move to Real since last summer but a a deal could not be reached before the start of the season. 22 more words


The Megalithic Temples of Malta

The Megalithic Temples of Malta are six megalithic temple sites that are found on the islands of Malta and Gozo. Each are the result of an individual development. 924 more words


#800 Necrozma (Ultra)

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This is its form when it has absorbed overwhelming light energy. It fires laser beams from all over its body. 209 more words


Mega Man 4 Voyage - A Fan-Made Masterpiece!

Most big game franchises have their fair share of fan-created content.  Fangames, Music, Art, you name it!  But the thing we’ll be focusing on today is Romhacks!  713 more words