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Deuteronomy 18:15-22 (Part 2) - If It Ain't About Jesus...Then It's About The Wrong Thing!

Deuteronomy 18:15-22 (Part 2)

True and False Prophets

In preparation for a “week-long intensive” as they call it in this, my semester of my first year of three years of my doctoral program, I had to write a research paper about leadership styles and organization methods in churches. 1,749 more words

Is anyone questioning the megachurch, "Satellite" campuses, or Celebrity Pastors?

I was recently at a conference, and was struck by a conversation with a youth pastor.  While introducing himself, he was explaining his role, and spoke with pride how his church which already had several satellite sites was now acquiring another large congregation and its own set of satellites.   311 more words

Man Of Faith

Church With a Capital C

I don’t believe it’s wrong that the Christian church is split into so many denominations.

Think about it. Do you go to a church because you agree with its teachings? 674 more words


The Apocalypse Codex (Laundry Files #4)

The Apocalypse Codex takes the series to new cultural milieus.

Codex, while a continuation of the Sleeper-in-the-Pyramid plot thread introduced in The Fuller Memorandum, 586 more words


Pete Wilson Resigns Cross Point Pastorate

As reported on various websites yesterday, Pete Wilson resigned on the weekend from Cross Point, the Nashville church he founded in 2003.

Part of the reason you’re reading this today is because in late 2007, I decided I wanted to get closer to a fraternity of writers, pastors and Christian leaders that were doing this “blogging” thing. 507 more words


What I'm Reading Today

American Views on Terrorism: 15 Years after 9/11

“When asked how likely they think they would be the victim of a terrorist attack, most Americans believe they are either “not really” (52%) or “not at all likely” (20%) to be victims. 414 more words

Barna Group

Are Mega Churches Bad for Business?

    Is the “Mega-Church” bad for business; the church business that is? What does a Mega Church do today in addition to increasing their membership and/or faith conversion numbers? 805 more words

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