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Really Really Creepy

Apparently, back in the 1960’s, there was a book called “666”. this book was a novel written to depict what the tribulation would be like. 476 more words


Quotes: The elephant in the (expensive) church that no one talks about.

Many churches spend more on interest payments than on world missions. Debt ties the church’s hands. If attendance drops, the economy suffers, or giving dips, then pastors or missionaries must go unpaid.

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The Power Of Ideas

I’m currently reading a book that asks the simplest question imaginable: Why did science as we understand the term develop in particular areas of northern Europe and not, say, in southern Europe or China? 1,334 more words

Christian Faith

Is "Bigger Better" in Churches?

In America today we want everything “supersized”—-from our french fries at McDonalds to our huge houses where only two people reside..   We seem to live by the slogan:   “Bigger is Better!”  But is it? 890 more words

Pastoral Concerns

Dollar-Dollar Bills Y'All

In light of the latest ado about Creflo Dollar – and his plea to his followers for $65 million dollars to get a new jet so that he can continue to spread the gospel – I decided to dig up an old law slideshow that I’d done for school in 2009. 42 more words

Dis And Dat

Atlanta Megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar Is Asking His Congregation To Pay For His New $65 Million Private Jet

Famous for preaching that God rewards those who give with financial rewards later down the line, Atlanta megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar — arguably the most appropriate name for a flock-fleecing televangelist there ever was — is taking his game to a whole new level: asking his congregation to pony up to pay for the $65 million private jet he just purchased, a Gulfstream G650, because one of the engines failed on his other private jet. 254 more words


Who is my neighbour?

Last month the House of Bishops of the Church of England released a Pastoral Letter on the 2015 General Election.

In this letter to the people and parishes of the Church of England, the Bishops seek to counter Russell Brand’s ‘no vote’ call and to mobilize people to vote. 474 more words

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