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The High Priest of Sociopaths - Tun Mahathir.

I have spare time. Some kinds of mistakes leave you with time on your hands and not the nice kind. Its also always involuntary. Heck, I consider it penance anyway. 776 more words


Hmm… I’m not sure which violence-inspiring megalomaniac dictator wannabe I should believe, Trump or Duterte, re: the content of yet another controversial Trump phone call.

Donald Trump

Darwin Revisited

Nature waiting her turn

To extract her revenge

Those who think

They can turn the table

With their hired guns

Likes of Gaddafi and Saddam… 242 more words



I see all those refugees, they cavort about like peasants looking for a getaway. They do not see me, I’m just a bunch of pieces put together doltishly, just a figure sitting in insularity. 360 more words





Donald Trump