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Fat fucks

We are the champions.

More of us to love.

Call it anything your denial stricken soul needs to cope. Its a fact that being fat — you have cost Malaysians more money than Tun Mahathirs forex losses PER HOUR, or DS Rosmah’s blood pressure


"Stop Trusting Megalomaniacs" by Lisa Renee

This quoted blog article by Lisa Renee is helpful in knowing more about these mental and emotional, and therefore energetic illnesses or disorders. Thank you Lisa Renee for it. 2,817 more words

Ascension Process

This Is a Career, Son

Mister Jones,

is he in the room,

under woods,

on the line?

No, he’s killing me, boarding

my soul with cheap fire.


Rafizi Ramli

No way. This is his website.

Betapa megalomaniac mamat ni? Firstly never trust a politician that has his domain that is his name.

http://www.najibrazak.com boleh tak jadi disruptive sikit. 90 more words