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10 Absolutely Legitimate, Scientifically Proven Reasons why Jennifer’s Body is Better Than Citizen Kane

By Jenn Coulter

In 2009, Karyn Kusama and Diablo Cody blessed the viewing public with the cinematic masterpiece Jennifer’s Body. Yes, you heard me correctly. 1,732 more words

Pop Culture

In Style: Casual (December 2017)

Simple yet cool — that’s what our chosen celebs were for December’s casual wear! 12 more words

The Horrors of Adolescent Female Bodies & Bonding in Jennifer’s Body (2009)

At first glance, the 2009 horror film Jennifer’s Body doesn’t fully display the feminist credentials that would be expected from a film of its pedigree.  After the critical and commercial success of… 2,373 more words


Performing Arts (8th Grade Critical Thinking Assignment#23)

There are many types of performances, these performances can impact our daily lives. There are also many places where you can see performances and be in them. 641 more words


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Year Released: 2014
Main Stars: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, William Fichtner, erm..and others.
Review Date: December 2017
Last watched: November 2017
Number Watches: 1… 266 more words

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Spandex 2017: Best Spandex Stars (November) Batch 1

For November, we did skip our mid-month edition for our Spandex stars and instead, put them in our month-end issue which we divided into 2 batches. 30 more words

Transformers (2007)

Dir. Michael Bay
Premiered June 12, 2007

Nostalgia is a strange mistress.

It comes in two waves: first, the 20-year cycle, nostalgia for childhood that overcomes people when they become adults; then the 50-year cycle, nostalgia for a more distant past that’s perceived to have been more elegant. 1,689 more words