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TV Review - Dark Skies

In an extra blog for this week, I’m reviewing Dark Skies, a conspiracy theory-based sci-fi series from the 90s, which followed in the footsteps of… 947 more words

Conspiracy Theories

MAPLE AND VINE at CoHo lets frazzled contemporary characters try on the straight lines and buttoned down certainties of 1950's life

In this odd but amusing narrative, contemporary characters choose to live life circa 1955. A bit too much exposition explaining the rules of the game. But things get interesting once dramas imported from the present play out under new regime. 12 more words

Chiller Theatre Spring Extravaganza 2014

Just got back from a trip to the semi-annual Chiller Theatre Expo at the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel. This Chiller promised to be big from the get-go. 1,264 more words

Autograph Shows

Meanwhile, on the Matthews Bus

Megan Ward doesn’t think a lot about people from Drogheda’s reading skills.

In fairness, it is fairly self explanatory…

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Patriotic Pin Ups in Times Square by Jason Lanier

This image was taken at my workshop in NY last year in Times Square. This was shot during the middle of a protest that actually ended up getting pretty hectic by the time all was said and done. 38 more words

"You must photoshop a lot to make your images look that good!" No, I just know how to shoot.


I get asked all the time to post images pre-edited so I thought I'd post this one from my workshop in West Virginia last year as a side by side with the completely edited image. 85 more words

Amityville 1992: It's About Time

Synopsis: Real estate developer or some kind of big time capitalist pig or something Jacob comes home from a business trip to Amityville with an evil clock he has taken out of the original Amityville house of horrors. 594 more words