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Glory Daze


A soon-to-be graduate finds he’s having a difficult time letting go of the college life — and decides maybe he doesn’t have to.

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Movie Reviews

Trancers III (1992, C. Courtney Joyner)

There’s a certain exhaustion about Trancers III. Director Joyner doesn’t have much chemistry with star Tim Thomerson, leading to way too much time spent on the evil super-soldiers. 505 more words


Trancers II (1991, Charles Band)

Without its cast, Trancers II couldn’t possibly succeed. It’s an unfortunately limited success as is, but without everyone’s enthusiasm–regardless whether they have a good role or not–the film just couldn’t work. 406 more words


The Amityville Horror 6: About Time (1992)

The Amityville Horror 6: About Time (1992)

Country:  USA

Director: Tony Randel

Main Stars: Stephen Macht, Shawn Weatherly, Megan Ward

Storyline:  Someone brings home a clock from the original house and the evil carries along with it. 210 more words

5 Beers

Arcade (1993)

David S Goyer has had an interesting career. Now, he’s Hollywood’s go-to script guy for intelligent genre and superhero stuff – from the amazing “Dark City” to  “Blade” to Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy to “Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice”; but he got his start writing Jean Claude Van Damme movies, as well as working for our old friends at Full Moon! 1,077 more words


#TBT: Old World, Fresh Eyes

Greetings again from the bottom of the pit, dear friends and welcome to our new blog series. Inspired by Instagrams (not remotely narcissistic) trend #ThrowBackThursday we have set ourselves the challenge of rewatching old but awesome TV series that sadly ended before their time and checking them out with a new perspective so we can report back to y’all with our thoughts. 1,018 more words

Film Review: Trancers III (1993, dir. C. Courtney Joyner)

This was a little sad to watch. At least it didn’t make me feel even more depressed than I did after the scene in the transploitation “documentary” Let Me Die A Woman (1977) where a trans woman cuts off her own penis. 1,055 more words