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TBR Thursday: The Thief

I have a bit of a TBR problem: my TBR pile is huge. If I stacked all the books up, it would probably be taller than me. 282 more words

TBR Thursday

Book Review : The Queen of Attolia

The Queen of Attolia  | Megan Whalen Turner

Awards: None

The lovely Queen of Attolia is haunted; haunted by a thief in the night. She is determined to exact her revenge from Gen, the Queen’s Thief. 371 more words


Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m ending this work week with a half day off work to sort my life out. I was preparing for a weekend with the boys but Ben isn’t working this weekend so Ma and I aren’t being put to work. 541 more words


Kings, Queens and Thieves

As soon as I cracked open the newly designed paperback cover of The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, I was hooked (haha)  and tore through the next two books. 126 more words


Book Review : The Thief

The Thief | Megan Whalen Turner

Awards: Newbery Honor

“I am a Master of foolhardy plans.”

Eugenides, or Gen as he likes to call himself, is a thief and he can steal anything.

417 more words

my harry potter

It was a Monday evening, and I was settling into bed. It wasn’t early enough to be falling asleep, but I knew I wanted to be under the covers, and I knew I wanted to take my glasses off. 1,309 more words

"The Thief" Review

“A little danger adds spice to life.” — Megan Whalen Turner, The Thief

“The Thief” Review

This post may contain spoilers.

I picked up this book during one of my “Let’s buy everything!” moods at Barnes and Noble with Rachel. 752 more words