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[IDW] Aggressive Foreplay

For once, the crunch-growl-snap-snarl in the conference room had nothing to do with Starscream. Though it you asked him, this didn’t please the mercurial Seeker at all. 257 more words


[TCL] It All Fell Down II

When Soundwave slides him a datapad, wordless and his expression-less face saying as much as his field, Megatron feels a shudder roll through him.

Part of him doesn’t dare turn it on. 1,020 more words


[TCL] It All Fell Down I

For the fourth time in as many days, Megatron crawls into their berth, reeking of energon spill, plasma discharge, and death.

It should be familiar. Comforting. 1,743 more words


Transformers: IDW Megatron - the measure of a man.

So I’ve been toying with the idea of writing some kind of article on IDW’s The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye Season 2 for some time. 2,879 more words


[TF] On the Edge

Rumor had it that Megatron had no virtually no control. He could not contain himself, could not hold himself back, could not be counted on to have restraint. 282 more words


[TCL] Aphrodisiac

The moment Sunstreaker stumbled, Megatron knew something was wrong. Sunstreaker did not stumble, especially not when hardly injured.

“Spinout?” Megatron was careful to use Sunstreaker’s stage name. 840 more words


[TCL] Claim

Megatron was bigger than him, but that wouldn’t stop Sunstreaker from fragging him against the wall. Not with battlelust crawling through his lines, the taste of energon in the air, and the roar of the crowd still echoing in his audials and victory like overcharge on his glossa. 314 more words