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I Still Function!

I shall not yet again go on about my overwhelming dislike of the Bay films. However, I think this take on a Megatron that is both recognisably G1 but also more anatomically human is fascinating – and infinitely preferable to the hideous aesthetic we saw in the films.



Transformers G1 #1 - Marvel

There were two Transformer’s continuities in Marvel Comics – the comics printed in the United States and those printed in the U.K.  With the first issue of the ambitious American version Ralph Macchio and Bill Mantlo  collaborated on the script.  733 more words


REVIEW Takara Tomy Transformers Movie The Best, MB-14 Leader Class Megatron

รีวิว Takara Tomy Transformers Movie The Best, MB-14 Leader Class Megatron

นักสะสมน่าจะหลังหักตามๆกันไปหลายคน เมื่อ ทางTakara Tomy สับขาหลอก ด้วยการเปิดพรีออเดอร์ Movie The Best, MB-14 Leader Class Megatron ในช่วงเวลาที่ TLK-19 ออกมาได้ไม่นาน พร้อมด้วยสีแดงที่หน้า และทำสีตัวหุ่นใหม่ทั้งหมด และเนื่องด้วยผมเคย 36 more words


3rd Party Upgrade Light Up Head w/New Faces for MP36 Megatron CHILL REVIEW

3rd Party upgrade head and face set for Transformers Masterpiece Megatron from Boa Road “Model 001 Destroy”.


50 Games to try/complete 2018- 2. The longest episode of G1, Transformers Devastation

Hello again!

I haven’t gotten back to Tomb Raider, I may eventually but its been a month or so. In the meantime I actually completed a whole game (and loved every moment of it!). 674 more words

50 Game Challenge

The Year of the Dog: Lunar New Year at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood and The Year of the Dog!

In the United States, Lunar New Year isn’t very prominent. At least not as prominent as it is in Asian countries. 940 more words

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