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Episode 63: The Revenge of Bruticus

Well, it’s all about Starscream this week as he tries his hand at yet another takeover. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work. (Duh) You can listen to it here: 100 more words


Beast Wars Season 3

Here it is. The review of the final season of Beast Wars. It’s been a fun ride and a great opportunity to not only celebrate the anniversary of this incredible series but to also help others know just how incredible it is. 347 more words


Episode 62: Starscream's Brigade

Starscream tries, once again, to take over as leader of the Decepticons with predictable results. On the other hand, say hello to the Combaticons!

You can listen to it here: 79 more words


Episode 61: Kremzeek!

A new lifeform is born this week, and it’s an electricity creature named, well, Kremzeek! He’s cute, but dangerous, and the Autobots kinda suck at dealing with him. 64 more words


BAIT Transformers Graphic Tees

BAIT makes some classic Transformers G1-style graphic tees.  This mini-collection features the G1 Optimus Prime, G1 Megatron, the iconic Autobot and Decepticon logo tees. 9 more words


[TCL] Eclipse

They don’t talk.

Words, at this point, are meaningless. No, words are used, but not the important ones.

It takes only seconds for Sunstreaker to get Megatron into the berth, and it’s painfully easy to get Megatron beneath him. 2,653 more words


Episode 59:War Dawn

It’s the most amazing episode of the Transformers ever as we actually learn something about their history! Listen to it here:


Download it here:  64 more words