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This might be not only the best picture of MP-36 I’ve seen, but possibly the best TF toy pic ever. Incredible work from oneshallfall.net (as shared on Twitter).


「Why Throw Away Your Life So Recklessly? 」

Continuing from the previous analysis of Megatron in his robot mode, it is time for us to have a thorough research on his alternate mode… 719 more words


Masterpiece Megatron!!!!

I know it’s been a bit since the last written review…but here I am, in the text!!! At least I’m back with something big…I do have to ask while I have your attention, what are your thoughts on the youtube vids? 940 more words


Yes, this is nearly identical to the previous one. This is just a more printer-friendly version, and may be the one at my FCBD table. The artwork itself  is copyright to D.E.A. 11 more words

2017 Artwork

Blog #1234: Toy Review: Transformers Masterpiece Megatron (MP-36)

Transformers Masterpiece Megatron

Regardless of anything negative I say about this toy, it is a million times better than MP-05 Megatron.  Still not perfect, but an amazing improvement. 555 more words