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What condition my condition is in

Megatron?  Is that you?

Here’s a hint!

Shabams, blammo, shabams!  Anyway I bought the new Combiner Wars Megatron and as you can see he is worth every penny I spent on him.   77 more words

Toy Collecting

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Megatron restocked!

Back in stock is this 10-inch Megatron, coveted by Transformers collectors since its debut! Your collection can’t be complete without this indispensable Decepticon. A feared leader who was once loyal to Optimus Prime, he was eventually taken in by The Fallen, leading to a re-awakening of the Decepticon legacy. 47 more words


Now I have fans who say, “We are so sorry, Michael Bay, you still suck but we love you.” That’s what the director of “Transformers” told Simon Ang during an interview in Seoul. 891 more words

Transformers (Pachinko) by KYORAKU


Today we will be introducing a pachinko machine of “Transformers”, highly popular robots that can transform into vehicles and other objects. Initially, “Transformers” started from Takara Tomy’s toylines and commercially developed itself worldwide. 79 more words


Hasbro Expects A New 'Transformers' Movie Will Hit Theaters In 2017

It was recently reported that Hasbro is looking to expand the Transformers film series into an even larger cinematic universe, ala Marvel. With that announcement, comes higher expectations — explosions and robot fights aside — regarding the franchise’s next installment. 192 more words


Minor League and Other News

-This makes sense; Bills coach Rex Ryan is coaching in a minor league town(youtube.com)

-Comparing an 8th grader to Calvin Johnson might be a bit of a reach( 51 more words

Other News

Home-made armored vehicles of China

Today we came across this rather odd picture while searching for tank related news.  This image is from a Business Insider piece, although it has little to do with the article itself, which is a roundup of world economic news. 123 more words

Modern Vehicle News