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Places to visit in North East India

Have you ever been to North East India? Nagaland, the eastern most Indian state and Meghalaya, the Scotland of the East are two states which illustrate the region diversity and are the best destinations to start of exploring this stunning part on India.


The Seven Clan

In the beginning, there was nothing but emptiness on earth. God created Ram-ew the beautiful guardian spirit of earth to be the wife of Basa patron God of the village… 395 more words


MENTAL HEALTH IN THE WORKPLACE is the theme for 2017 Mental health day. So here below is the pamphlet made for distribution to workers.

“Work is good for a person’s mental health but a negative work environment can lead to many physical, emotional & mental health problems” 277 more words

Bible and Mental health

Today is world Mental Health Day.

What does the Bible have to say on Mental health?

Interestingly, on reading the Bible, there are many verses that suggest that God acknowledge the existence of mental health disorders and the need to be free from it. 372 more words


I was in Guwahati 2 weeks ago at my husband’s family home. And me being me wanted to explore places nearby. So, one fine Sunday morning, the husband and I set off to Meghalaya on a one day road trip. 456 more words


Faraway Festive Drums, amidst the castaway Meghalaya clouds.

The angst of a trifled homecoming has been blissfully laden with anxious eyes and smiling faces. The season, as it was supposed to be, has garlanded me with festive exuberance. 982 more words

Ambarnil Bharadwaj; Sagarika Das

How some blue blooded Gorkhas gave Shillong its first Durga Puja

The Gorkhas are known for their finesse as warriors and when it comes to the Gorkha regiment they have a strong connect with Durga Puja. 451 more words

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