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'WTF is she talking about?' Meghan McCain's 2016 GOP primary money is on 'my bastard brother'

Meghan McCain has a favorite among those GOPers who might run for the Republican nomination:

I know I'm biased because he's my "bastard brother" but my money is on…

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Meghan McCain: When will media treat climate change as the threat it is?

@MeghanMcCain or isn't…

— Dave Garner (@V1_man) April 6, 2015

Why do we continue to question science in this country? When a¬†renowned climatologist like Al Gore declares the science settled, it’s settled, right?

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Cody A. Fitch vs. Republican Party USA - the Court of Appeal Decision is out

Attempted without success to reach both Cody Fitch and Gerald Fitch this morning by telephone.

Cody A. Fitch is an unemployed, white male adult malcontent living deep within the wealthy bowels of California’s Republican Party.¬† 1,851 more words


'Log off': Meghan McCain feels like she's having an affair

Here’s an image you probably didn’t need in your head.

I watch so much CNN sometimes I feel like I'm having an affair with @wolfblitzer…

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Journalist Opts For Twitter

An ongoing feud between talk-radio host Laura Ingraham and Meghan McCain, Senator John McCain’s daughter, reared its head in the mainstream media this week. CNN’s Political Ticker covered this back-and-forth with multiple quotes from each aggrieved party. 234 more words


You won't believe why Ben Stiller 'just got shamed' by his daughter

All in all, it’s probably not a shaming to be too concerned about.

Just got shamed by my daughter for not understanding the difference between an emoji and emoticon.

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