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Meghan McCain Will Co-Host Fox News Channel's 'Outnumbered'

Meghan McCain, the Senator’s daughter who has won some fame as a blogger and TV host, is moving to a regular slot at Fox News Channel, after… 274 more words


Meghan McCain Upped To Permanent Co-Host Fox News Channel's 'Outnumbered'

Fox News Channel has named contributor Meghan McCain as a permanent co-host of its weekday noon program Outnumbered. McCain joins panelists Harris Faulkner and Sandra Smith, along with one rotating male, described by the network as “lucky guy.” Sen. 88 more words

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Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?

Critical thinking used to be an important component of education.

Yesterday, via Twitter:

Meghan McCain ‏@MeghanMcCain
I am completely apathetic towards who wins next week. They are 2 megalomaniac, compulsive liars, well beneath what we should expect as Prez.

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McCain versus Trump

There’s been a lack of rapport between ex-presidential candidate John McCain and current aspirant Donald Trump.

Trump is claiming victimhood over criticisms of him by parents of a dead US soldier, Khizr and Ghazala Khan. 593 more words


"Will Trump Last The Election?": Republicans Are On The Verge Of Nominating A Psychological Cripple

An ordinary sociopath would have known to pretend shock and sorrow after the terrible mass murders in Orlando. Shielded from ordinary human interaction by his arrogance and wealth, however, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump had no clue how to act. 810 more words


'Conservative' Media Sisters Play the Female Victim Card to Derail Trump

16  “conservative” females have penned an open letter demanding Donald Trump fire his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, for the alleged battery of reporter Michelle Fields. A quick glance at the names on the list and their colluding employers leaves little doubt about the real target of the women’s collective outrage. 545 more words

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