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No More

No More

Yes, I used to like Meghan McCain.
When her father would give me a pain
With betrayals galore,
I’d forgive him. No more: 10 more words

The Emmy's Official Wine, All the President's Men, Weed Spectator, What I'm Drinking This Week, and Other Notes on a Wine Card.

The 2018 Emmy Awards are just around the corner and they just announced the official wines for the Emmy Awards show – Sterling Winery.  I guess the lack of creativity and originality in Hollywood isn’t solely limited to the production side.  397 more words

Funerals Are For Mourning 😢

I’ve never “liked” the idea of long drawn out funerals. One day for the funeral and wake seems about right to me. Adding more days doesn’t make the respect or sorrow any more or any less. 1,244 more words

Trump goes after Sessions again

So I decided to do a mid-week blog with mostly leftovers plus the long weekend and I decided to hold off on the Bob Woodward bombshell until the next edition where by then we should see how Donald Trump responds. 2,029 more words


Meghan McCain's Funeral Comments Defended by Father’s Friends

Jameson McCurdy

As we all know by now, former war veteran, presidential candidate, and current Arizona senator, John McCain passed away last Saturday. Two of McCain’s best friends, Lindsey Graham ( R-SC ), and Joe Lieberman ( I-CN ), defended McCain’s daughter, Meghan, for taking shots at President Trump during her eulogy. 262 more words


There Is A Time For Being Small...

And somehow, I doubt that a funeral is that time. Of course, we are talking about John McCain here, and he proved during the final months of his life, that he could hold a grudge. 580 more words