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Meghan McCain On Donald Trump's Complaint About Dad's Funeral: "I Don't Expect Decency From Trump Family"

“I don’t like coming here every day and having to do this, as all of you know. It’s extremely emotionally exhausting,” Meghan McCain said on Thursday’s edition of The View, where she’s been responding to President Donald Trump’s attacks on her late father all week. 234 more words

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John McCain

The Maverick is gone, but with news headlines across the nation mentioning a continued feud with President Trump, you’d think he was still the Senator from Arizona. 633 more words

Donald Trump is Attacking Senator McCain for the Symbolism of it

I know why he’s doing it, now. I’m surprised I didn’t notice it sooner. But, these people are very, very shrewd. As I’ve stated previously, they are almost certainly getting adversarial state assistance; they are almost certainly getting AI assistance; and they might even be getting more powerful assistance than that. 505 more words


'The View' Calls On Melania "Be Best" Trump To End Donald's Attacks On John McCain And Grieving Family

The morning after President Donald Trump again blasted Sen. John McCain during a White House presser with the new president of Brazil, The View once again came to the support of grieving daughter/co-host Meghan McCain. 252 more words

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Cindy McCain tweets aggressive message she received about Sen. John McCain, Meghan McCain

Cindy McCain shared an aggressive message she received that attacked her late husband, Sen. John McCain, and her daughter Meghan McCain.

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Meghan McCain

Trump ramps up McCain attack, says he 'was never a fan' of late senator

After airing grievances on Twitter in a tirade that included an attack on John McCain, who died last year of brain cancer, President Donald Trump received harsh criticism from a variety of sources — … 116 more words


Meghan McCain Builds Glorious Shrine to Late Father

LOS ANGELES – In response to recent criticism of her late father from President Trump, Meghan McCain unveiled plans to build a glorious shrine to John McCain. 387 more words