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Trump goes after Sessions again

So I decided to do a mid-week blog with mostly leftovers plus the long weekend and I decided to hold off on the Bob Woodward bombshell until the next edition where by then we should see how Donald Trump responds. 2,029 more words


Meghan McCain's Funeral Comments Defended by Father’s Friends

Jameson McCurdy

As we all know by now, former war veteran, presidential candidate, and current Arizona senator, John McCain passed away last Saturday. Two of McCain’s best friends, Lindsey Graham ( R-SC ), and Joe Lieberman ( I-CN ), defended McCain’s daughter, Meghan, for taking shots at President Trump during her eulogy. 262 more words


There Is A Time For Being Small...

And somehow, I doubt that a funeral is that time. Of course, we are talking about John McCain here, and he proved during the final months of his life, that he could hold a grudge. 580 more words

McCain, Cuomo, and Trump all Misunderstand American Greatness

At the late Senator John McCain’s funeral, daughter Meghan McCain went after President Trump, claiming that “America was always great”. She has largely drawn plaudits for this, while New York Governor Andrew Cuomo draws derision for his line–that America “was never that great”. 977 more words


Meghan McCain Is A Cancer On Her Dad's Legacy

Meghan McCain — who without nepotism would be smacking gum behind the cash register at an outlet mall — used her dad’s death as a chance to level smug, lazy attacks at President Trump. 1,208 more words