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Megumi Nakajima

Megumi Nakajima at Anime Expo 2010 in Los Angeles, July 2010 1,032 more words

New Macross Anime officially titled!

It was announced today by the official web page of the Macross series that the official title of upcoming Macross Anime will be Macross Δ (Delta). 64 more words

Anime News

Macross Delta, a new Macross TV anime project, in search of a singing diva | Macross Delta, un nuevo proyecto anime de Macross, en busca de una diva del canto

[EN]: The Macross franchise is making a comeback. Seven years after the last Macross anime, Macross Frontier, debuted in Japan, an announcement today on the franchise’s website revealed the newest anime project tentatively titled Macross Delta. 313 more words


NakaMegu love

Super short post here. I was really sad to hear Megumi Nakajima taking a break for who knows how long from music. Months passed and I saw a few images of the new PreCure on tumblr, the art looked somewhat like Heartcatch, so I gave it a go. 206 more words


CARNIVAL - English


Original song:  Otetsu
Video: ShioEnglish Lyrics and Vocals: Starsxinxaxjar (me)


Now welcome to our CARNIVAL
The magical MERRY-GO-ROUND
Spinning forever, spinning on
So exciting and fun, but lonely… 462 more words


Campanella - English

Original Song and PV: Sasakure
English Lyrics and Vocals: Starsxinxaxjar (Me)


I wish to see
What’s beyond this galaxy
(My feelings cannot reach you. What am I to do?) 319 more words


Anata no Oto - English

Original performance: Megumi NakajimaEnglish Fanlyrics: Starsxinxaxjar (me)

Anata no Oto – Your Sound

*I can hear your sound
“Dokun Dokun Dokun”
In your chest it’s beating loud… 489 more words