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Chapter 29: My One Weakness

You know how I said Yuki had a fan club? They’re finally mobilizing.  But they’re mobilizing against Hana-chan, so they’re doomed to failure. 700 more words

Let's Read Fruits Basket

Eromanga-sensei - Episode 6

REACTION – We continue where we left off from the previous episode as Megumi unveils her strategy on how to win Sagiri’s friendship. She goes for “ 388 more words


Benchmade 482 Megumi

I have recently come into acquiring this knife for myself. The condition of it was lightly and with slight blade play that had the blade favoring the left liner. 476 more words


Pickup and return of kids

** very important, please read in details

updated: 2017/5/11

Before class each week

  • Short-T: always check absent/ change list and share with the team.
  • A: always inform K3 / Panda / Kuma teacher before 1st pick up.
  • 954 more words
New Teacher Orientation

Eromanga-sensei - Episode 5

REACTION – This anime series has probably taken a blunt move and that is acknowledging Sagiri’s romantic love for her older brother, Masamune. After reading the “300-page love letter” of a manuscript, Izumi and Sagiri somewhat confess their feelings for each other? 585 more words


Level Lime (Regular)

+ Megumi K2K3 Long (Helicopter, Airplane)

Opening / Circle time Phonics time
  • phonics exercise
  • New Alphabet Starters
Lesson Flow

Megumi manual

1. Before lesson

  • Check for absent kids on Megumi Absence Response Sheet
  • Check lesson material. Go through the flashcards and worksheets etc.
  • Prep room. (get chairs, tables and lesson materials out of the storage room) …
  • 451 more words
New Teacher Orientation