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Reflection 1: The Quarrel of Megumi and Edward - Chapter 2

Hi, again.

Glad you decided to come back for some more mind-torture, at my expense. Maybe at yours, too.

Today, I’m moving on to chapter two of The Quarrels of Megumi and Edward. 8,293 more words


Reflection 1: The Quarrels of Megumi and Edward - Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my blog. I hope you are thoroughly entertained by the embarrassment I’m about to put myself through.

My alias is Zesh. I write crossovers on fanfiction.net ( 463 more words


Chapter 99: Crushed

Tohru’s support network kicks into action as she struggles to process what Kureno told her. 610 more words

Let's Read Fruits Basket

ADAW 07/52 + an Extra

A Doll a Week 2018



And the extra…

Only one extra this time because the Bean was sick from chemo for a good chunk of the week and I’ve spent my time taking care of her, and not getting a lot of anything else done. 107 more words


STORY: Jun and Zeph the Beginning

Jun and Zephyr in Modern Day

The B E G I N N I N G : [01][02]

So remember way back in the “ 106 more words