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These are extras from Megumi’s ADAW shoot and I meant to post them when I did them, but I got sick and then have been feeling pretty crappy emotionally since so I’ve fallen behind… again, in pretty much everything. 99 more words


Yu Kurosaki Megumi R2 Series

Megumi by Yu Kurosaki

Yu Kurosaki Megumi R2- 160mm Bunka

R2 Steel (Stain Resistant)

HRC 61-63

Message us for Details.  Free Shipping.



Happy New Year!



KEYS Facebook に写真をUPしました!】

2016年振り返りとして、色々なKEYSイベントとレッスンの様子、また最新の写真もFacebookにて少しずつアップしていきます。ぜひKEYS Facebookに「いいね!」して、英語の勉強に役に立つ情報をご覧ください!


【月島教室 新クラスのお知らせ】 34 more words


Jackson Cretin Tries Best, Worst Sushi on the North Shore

It is evident that the north shore is home to many above-average sushi restaurants. However, some dip below the line of mediocrity. In this article, I’ll tell you the worst and best sushi restaurants in the area, and how to choose where to spend your hard-earned money. 500 more words


New Adventures In Same Hiroshima 

One of the great things about being stationed at MCAS Iwakuni is that new people are always arriving. One of the new neighbors in our building is Domenik and her husband, Larry. 535 more words

I Do And Adieu!

Collab REM Review - Rurouni Kenshin

Writing this review was a slog. The content delay is NA’s greatest advantage, but it’s also our greatest curse. With over a month having gone by since JP got these cards, we now know that most of them have amounted to very little. 2,555 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Food Wars Series Review


Imagine Master Chef as an anime where tasting incredible food is an orgasm inducing experience. Then put in a cocky male lead and the usual tropes for the other students and staff members, an absentee father, and lots of intense trash talk between students. 948 more words