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Overwatch Mei

Mei, is a fictional hero appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, a Blizzard Entertainment-developed team-based first-person shooter video game, and its related media. 43 more words


What do the things we leave behind say about us?

Following on from last week, we decided to carry out a new experiment. It would involve taking a different route home and getting lost on the way. 257 more words


Week 5

Talk about filming 4 perspectives in Redfern.

#week 5 8 more words


Se Revelan los nuevos skins para Mei y Winston de Overwatch

El nuevo evento de Overwatch comenzará en unas cuantas horas, pero antes de ir de lleno con las nuevas características que traerá Archivos, Blizzard Entertainment presentó un par de nuevos skins para Mei y Winston. 312 more words


Blizzard Just Unveiled the Scariest Hero Skin to Date

As we head closer to the launch of Overwatch’s upcoming seasonal event ‘Retribution’, Blizzard today unveiled yet another skin set to be made available for a limited time through lootboxes – none other than the devil incarnate herself, Mei. 143 more words


Junk Bag

Experiment Junk Drawer — Junk Bag

An experiment was carried out on 28 March 2017 at 107 projects.

Leading off the concept Caitlin’s initial idea of questioning the ‘junk drawer’ and the value its contents holds in our lives, we developed an activity that would engage with this enquiry to possibly reveal a ‘gap’ or several psychological ‘gaps’ with each group member. 148 more words






noun: erasure; plural noun: erasures

  1. the removal of writing, recorded material, or data

    2. the removal of all traces of something; obliteration.