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Say I Love You Ep. 11 "Parade"

Neste episodio, a Megumi está a tratar todos como se fossem propriedade dela até que a Asami e a Aiko fartam-se da atitude dela. 562 more words


As promised.

Remember I was talking about a piece I had finished and wanted to show today. Well here it is. I’ll add more details about what I did tomorrow though.


Italian Madrigals on WIC iPads

When Professor Mauro Calcagno submitted a request to borrow 5 WIC iPads, I figured it was for his students to use for coursework, which is typically the case with our… 519 more words

Events And Workshops

Piure de urzici, spanac şi mei

-1/2 kg de urzici, curăţate, spălate şi opărite în apă fiartă pentru un minut-două (cât să se înmoaie puţin);
-o mână de frunze de spanac crud, spălat şi curăţat; 166 more words


Say I Love You Ep. 10 "Nothing Else"

Neste episódio o Yamato está a preparar algo especial para a Mei, o que será?

In this episode the Yamato is preparing something special for Mei, what could it be? 544 more words


Six degrees of attachment

so, I’m in love and it’s official. As much as possible, i do not want to be obvious or get too cheesy and corny. But yeah, I’m in love and it is inevitable to share bits of information about it in social media. 59 more words


Perkiraan Sakura mekar pertama kali di Jepang 2015

Setelah menunggu lama akhirnya munculnya perkiraan dari Musim Sakura yang kita tunggu dan banyak yang nanya kapan mas kira sakura mekarnya dan sampai kapan ? akhirnya sudah terjawab sudah oleh… 85 more words