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Coming Soon from Funko: Overwatch - Wave 2!

Pop! Games: Overwatch®

Cheers, love! The new Overwatch® Pop!s are here!

This all-star lineup of heroes includes frost-flinging Mei, outlaw cowboy McCree, light-bending Symmetra, and supersonic DJ Lúcio! 88 more words


Overwatch: Hanzo has absolutely zero chill

Game: Overwatch
Category: Ruthless
Beauty: 7/10
Opponents Skill: N/A


Overwatch is a fast paced game, but everyone pretty much agrees that the “skirmish” mode when searching for more players to fill the match is meant to mess around, spam emotes, and generally not be a try hard. 68 more words

Data is powerful. But here’s what I care about more.

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Data is powerful. But here’s what I care about more.

Humanising the hype and what it means to me as (wo)man on the street… 362 more words

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Update PTR Overwatch: Selamat Datang Bastion

Bastion selalu menjadi hero dengan tingkat penggunaan paling rendah di Overwatch. Tidak peduli dalam mode apapun, Bastion jarang sekali dilirik orang. Semua ini terjadi karena Bastion sulit untuk digunakan secara maksimal, terutama di tingkat permainan kelas menengah. 747 more words


Overwatch Just Can't Catch a Break

It wasn’t long ago that one person managed to complain hard enough to get Tracer’s pose changed in Overwatch.  Nevermind that the new pose isn’t really that much different from the original, or that the original is just like many of the other character victory poses.   844 more words


Overwatch Character Ranking 8: Mei

You’ve seen her as one of my favorite Ice Masters in video games, and now I’ll get even more into details on what Mei really stood for me amongst the Overwatch cast. 757 more words

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