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"I'm Finally Playing Overwatch!" - An Excuse To Talk About The Gorgeous Overwatch Ladies

If you’re a gamer, you’ve surely heard of Overwatch at this point. And if you know anything about Overwatch, you know that not only has the internet community taken hold of this game, but it might just be THE game that artists have ran with the most. 1,548 more words


Japanese Inspired Food - Mei by Fat Spoon

Where is our food?

Japanese/Local fusion food range.

Cempedak Spring Rolls served with vanilla ice cream.

Torched Salmon with rice.

Yummy! Great taste with premium price. 24 more words


What's New in the Shop? (November 22 edition)

I meant to post about this ages ago but life got in the way again! With the holidays coming up, there are no signs of slowing down either so let’s get to it :). 204 more words


Overwatch: Mei is cold-blooded.

Overwatch is a great game. Lots of fun, competitive, and so far, for me, not that much toxic chat like other team based games. *cough* League of Legends *cough*. 133 more words


Die #Schweiz und die #EU - wie weiter ? Am Katzentisch in Brüssel #MEI

Der #Ständerat berät nächstens über so etwas Ähnliches wie die Umsetzung der #MEI (Masseneinwanderungsinitiative). Er sollte sich unbedingt anschauen, was Ulrich Schlüer vorgetragen hat – ob man den Mann nun mag oder auch nicht: Es sind Fakten. 45 more words

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A Mistake In My Neighbor Totoro People Are Now Noticing

(Source: kotaku.com)

My Neighbor Totoro is a wonderful movie. It came out in 1985, but recently, people on Twitter seem to be noticing one thing: The goat’s teeth are all wrong. 131 more words