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Leaders of Jewish Organizations Have Psychological Breakdowns as Mein Kampf Rises


Unsurprisingly, the Jews are really freaking out at the meteoric rise in the sales of Adolf Hitler’s masterpiece, Mein Kampf.

The fact is, when one actually reads the book, with an open mind, the entire Jewish lie about who the man was collapses.  544 more words

Daily News

ISIS 'Mein Kampf' Blames Israel for Global Terrorism

Experts poring over secret Islamic State dossier found in Pakistan’s tribal badlands; Arutz Sheva gains an exclusive look.

Arutz Sheva, By Sara A. Carter, American Media Institute, 8/16/15: 1,368 more words

Counter Jihad Report

It rests on faith

From Philip Giurlando’s review of Mein Kampf:

This sad historical episode reveals an important point: that any moral system that rests on equal human dignity cannot flow from the scientific observations of biologists.

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We were right – the Biffers really ARE Nazis

Over the weekend I’ve put together a couple of blog posts with accompanying PDFs showing how very similar Britain First’s policies and rhetoric is to the propaganda of Nazi Germany. 208 more words

Britain First

Hitler's evolutionary ethic

Adolf Hitler worked out an “evolutionary ethic” in Mein Kampf (1924). Applying Darwin’s principle of natural selection of the fittest to human ethnic groups, Hitler concluded that since evolution has produced the superior (Aryan) stock, we must work to preserve it. 32 more words


Contradicting Hitler

On the first of January 2016 – seventy years after Hitler’s death – the copyright of Mein Kampf expires. It is held by the Bavarian government. 164 more words