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Before Mein Kampf, an aristocrat published a book comparing Hitler to Jesus... that Hitler wrote himself

In the early fall of 1923, when Adolf Hitler was still mostly known for his frenzied speeches at Munich beer halls, a slim biography was published that lauded him as the saviour of the German nation and even compared him to Jesus. 709 more words


Comparing Rudd's Speech at Conservative Conference to Mein Kampf; LBC's James O'Brien

A lot of people have winced at the bile coming out of Amber Rudd’s Conservative Party Conference speech. Rudd said she wanted company’s to disclose who foreign workers are and “ensure people coming here are filling gaps in the labour market, not taking jobs British people could do”. 301 more words


Hitler: Ascent, 1889–1939 analyzes the dictator not as a monster or madman, but as a human being

Hitler: Ascent 1889–1939
By Volker Ullrich
Alfred A. Knopf
998 pp; $54. $40.

How did Adolf Hitler – described by one eminent magazine editor in 1930 as a “half-insane rascal,” a “pathetic dunderhead,” a “nowhere fool,” a “big mouth” – rise to power in the land of Goethe and Beethoven? 1,288 more words


Is Trump Hitler in Disguise?

The media – liberals – Democrats and Hollywood have all jumped on the bandwagon declaring Trump is Hitler in disguise… The point of course is to drag out one of the most heinous men in history and label a Presidential candidate with this ominous title. 750 more words


Historians avoid land mines to unearth time capsule buried under former Nazi training centre in Poland

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Nazi-era newspapers, coins, documents and copies of Hitler’s Mein Kampf have been found in a “time capsule” that was buried in 1934 in the foundations of a Nazi training centre, a Polish town official said Tuesday. 285 more words


Her Struggle

Michelle O. is the “indispensable surrogate to Hillary Clinton”, we are told by the mainstream media, which breathlessly cites this nasty user’s “sky-high popularity” as reason for her “soon-to-come invaluable and incalculable contributions to ensuring Hillary’s election to the presidency” (Washington Post, 9-13). 726 more words

The Partisan Papers

Anne Frank's Diary and Copyright

Back in January, Anne Frank’s diary was put online, available for free. The copyright owners were considering legal action, and a mess ensued. Differences between national copyright laws in the EU further muddied the waters. 289 more words