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The Second Coming of Adolf Hitler

We all know how Donald Trump has shown how disgusting of a human being (no he’s lower than that) he can be as he runs for the upcoming Presidential Elections in the United States. 947 more words


L‘ anno scorso, Ben Carson, il principale candidato per la nomina alla presidenza del partito repubblicano, ha esortato gli americani a leggere il “Mein Kampf”. 826 more words

Cultura Storica

A controversial bestseller?

I’d never thought I would say this but my classes on the legal aspects of publishing are interesting.

Legal. The law. What the law can do, allow, let go and punish. 394 more words


Lebensraum & the Foundation of Genocide


Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

This is the second part of an article that deals with war crimes, genocide and how seemingly normal human beings can become complicit in such crimes. 2,118 more words

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Dangerous Literature: In Celebration of Banned Books Week

Okay I know I’m a couple of weeks late to this.  I honestly didn’t know banned books week was coming up until it was already gone.   783 more words

Dylan Nordberg

Leaders of Jewish Organizations Have Psychological Breakdowns as Mein Kampf Rises


Unsurprisingly, the Jews are really freaking out at the meteoric rise in the sales of Adolf Hitler’s masterpiece, Mein Kampf.

The fact is, when one actually reads the book, with an open mind, the entire Jewish lie about who the man was collapses.  544 more words

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