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Drive yourself mad

Drive yourself, drive yourself mad, even as lana del rey sings her tragic tunes, and becomes the voice in your head, drive yourself mad putting an end to those guilty pleasures that are destroying your body, why, even your soul; drive yourself deep into your petty depression thus, until all you have to get high on is what you crafted with your own hands. 15 more words

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Stuff to run to


Girl on the edge



The Year of Magical Thinking (Joan Didion)


Norah Jones

The desperate need for wise leadership

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Nobody cares, and they never will.

Edit, edit, edit.

Hide, hide, hide.

Hide those inadequacies, those uncool needs, that constant need for validation, those people you put on a pedestal though not worship (well that’s some progress there). 8 more words

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Rooting out BPD

  • Avoid thinking in extremes – if its 80% say 80% not 100%, if its bad say bad not horrid
  • Ask why you are feeling a certain way – determine root causes – avoid or repeat as appropriate…
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What is confidence but faith in your journey, the sort of faith that comes when you know you’ve tried your hardest to reach the goals etched upon your soul given the path you were thrown? 30 more words

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People want their stuff in neat boxes and categories; easy to skim and easy to consume.

But my thoughts, they’re messy, they jump from place to place. 85 more words

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Weak and Unstable: Britain's Brexit Government

Theresa May and her camp followers have adopted with gusto the rather tiresome mantra “Strong and Stable”. I wonder if they realise that it was Adolf Hitler who brought that phrase to prominence, in Mein Kampf. 360 more words