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Miscarriages may originate at a cellular level, study

After Dan Levitis and his wife lost two pregnancies, before having their three children, he was drawn to investigate why pregnancy loss is so common, and whether other living beings face the same struggle his family did. 569 more words

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Meiosis (mei-o’-sis): Reference to something with a name disproportionately lesser than its nature (a kind of litotes). This term is equivalent to tapinosis. 31 more words



During meiosis II, the chromosomes condense and become attached to a new spindle apparatus (prophase II). They then move to positions in the equatorial plane of the cell (metaphase II), and their centromeres split to allow the constituent sister chromatids to move to opposite poles (anaphase II), a phenomenon called chromatid disjunction. 277 more words


Honors B-day 4/3/17

Today, we reviewed chromosomes and sexual vs. asexual reproduction briefly. We went over the PowerPoint below and previewed vocabulary for the upcoming material. The important terminology was: autosome, somatic, meiosis, mitosis, haploid, diploid, gametes, chromosome, homologous chromosome, sister chromatids, and fertilization.

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Chromosome and Meiosis PPT 4/6/17-4/7/17

For those of you going on the music trip and anyone else who will be absent:

Here is the PPT to use for the Chromosome and Meiosis-Reinforcement Unit Worksheet. 35 more words

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1. How does meiosis differ from mitosis? What is the ploidy number of the products in both processes?

Meiosis is a type of cell division that splits the number of chromosomes in half and results in four haploid cells. 358 more words

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1. How does meiosis differ from mitosis? What is the ploidy number of the products in both processes?

Mitosis is a process of asexual reproduction in which the cell divides in two producing a replica, with an equal number of chromosomes in each resulting diploid cell. 665 more words