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The M&Ms of Genetics

By A.K. Matai

Mitosis Overview

Mitosis is the process by which a eukaryotic cell nucleus splits into two followed by the division of a parent cell into two daughter cells. 311 more words


Mitosis and Meiosis


Wait, relax
I struggle to remember my ID number
How much more my chemistry notes
A paper I am to write tomorrow… 621 more words

Tales Of Kube

Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer

This week we learned more about the eukaryotic cell cycle and how cancer forms. Because I wasn’t in class on Thursday when everyone did the cancer lab, I was instructed to write about the biointeractive cell cycle and cancer activity. 866 more words

Rob Kesseler's Microscopic World

Dave suggested I take a look at Rob Kesseler’s work.  Rob Kesseler is Professor of Ceramic Art and Design at Central Saint Martins, who collaborates with scientists to create beautiful images of the unseen world of plants. 94 more words

My Practice

Mitosis and Meiosis

Mitosis and meiosis are two similar processes that lead to duplication of the genome and multiplication of cells. Mitosis occurs when a somatic cell (non-sex cells, such as epidermal cells, muscle cells, etc.) divides into two new cells. 248 more words


Unit 7 Test

Below is your link to your Unit 7 test. The questions will be on the test form given to you by your instructor. Please answer all questions on the google form. 22 more words

Honors Biology

The Unit 7 Hunger Games

Today in #hbio we’ll be reviewing for tomorrow’s test over Unit 7. To review, you’ve been selected to be Tributes in the Unit 7 Hunger Games!!! 109 more words

Honors Biology