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Hello, It's Me-iosis

If Adele had been a biology teacher instead of a world-famous record-breaking performer, her new hit song “Hello” probably would have gone like this instead: 290 more words


Amoeba Sisters - Science Videos

I started using this series of videos for my 7th graders to review some of the concepts of Meiosis & DNA. The feedback from my students was that it was helpful so I wanted to share them on here as well. 8 more words

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Cell Division part 3: A* understanding of Meiosis for iGCSE 3.25 3.26

In sexually reproducing organisms two types of cell division are needed.  One is for the processes of growth, repair and asexual reproduction and it is called… 562 more words

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Cell division video: a revision video for DNA structure and chromosomes

This is a summary video that might help those of you still struggling to get to grips with chromosomes and genes.  I apologise for the terribly amateur production values on the video but hope the biological content at least might be useful….

IGCSE Biology Posts

Wild chicken comes home to roost

We have a mascot. One chicken survived several months in the free life at Meadowcreek amongst the packs of coyotes, foxes, possums, hawks, owls, and raccoons. 818 more words



Abbaser  Puttenham’s English term for tapinosis. Also equivalent to meiosis: reference to something with a name disproportionately lesser than its nature (a kind of  92 more words

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