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Springtime for Hitler: a Gay Romp with Eva and Adolf at Bechtesgarden

An Iranian newspaper in Tehran, Hamshahri, is currently running a Holocaust cartoon competition. Entries had to be in by the beginning of this month. The organisers have thrown down the challenge, they declare, as a test of the West’s commitment to freedom of speech. 947 more words


Sail the Wildest Stretch - Powderfinger's final discovery

This narrative music video humorously exploits the iconography of colonisation and film making in creating a physical discovery of resilience and personal safety. ‘Sail the Wildest Stretch’ is from Powderfinger’s final album,  588 more words

Favorite Scenes and Quotes - A to Z 2015 - G - Gun Hand

Back to the grindstone with the A to Z choice for G. I chose the bit with Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder in the comedy classic Blazing Saddles. 149 more words


Blazing Saddles (1974)

Part Western, part satire, part raunchy comedy, and completely bonkers, Blazing Saddle stands the test of time by being both hilarious and groundbreaking. The year is 1874, but also 1974. 299 more words



The latest version of ‘The Producers’ to hit the road, landed at the Milton Keynes Theatre on Monday and looks sure to be another runaway hit. 611 more words


March Madness Results. And the Winners Are...

We hope you’ve enjoyed your Easter and Passover holidays!

Before we coast into a new week here at One Unified, we’re annoucning the winners of our March Madness comedy brackets. 96 more words


Laugh it Up! Top 5 Funniest Movies

April is Comedy Month over here and to start off, we give you our individual lists of our Top 5 favorite comedy movies.


Metabolous M: 63 more words