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The student-loan merry-go-round

COLUMN — I was lucky when I went to university — I didn’t have to go into debt up to my armpits to pay for my education. 784 more words

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ROTHENBURGER — Advisory group on Ajax should have broad representation

COLUMN — I’m afraid I can’t agree with those who don’t think the Kamloops Exploration Group should be allowed to sit on the Community Advisory Group looking into the KGHM Ajax mine project. 645 more words


ROTHENBURGER — One word makes big difference in stop signs

COLUMN — Bilingual stop signs aren’t such a bad idea.

They aren’t meaningless. They aren’t token.

Some people, judging by conversations on social media, think they are. 630 more words


Rothenburger — The state of media in Kamloops, a year later

COLUMN — I miss my daily newspaper. I miss it every day.  I still miss that walk down the driveway to find it in the tube — sometimes wet and soggy, but still a thing of joy to hold.  913 more words


Rothenburger — Don Cameron's life of courage and loyalty

COLUMN — Canada lost a patriot and Kamloops lost a good citizen this week with the passing of Don Cameron.

Don was a consummate Conservative who took his love of country and politics to Ottawa when he served briefly as our Member of Parliament in 1979-80. 581 more words