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ROTHENBURGER — Barney the wild cat pays price of neglect

COLUMN — New cat moved in a couple of weeks ago. His name is Barney.

Barney could be a girl cat for all I know — I haven’t been able to get close to him/her. 585 more words


ROTHENBURGER — Crisis hits hair care - John DeCicco retires

COLUMN — The health care crisis is bad enough, but now there’s a crisis in hair care — John DeCicco has closed the doors on more than half a century of barbering. 662 more words


ROTHENBURGER — Zipper merge easier said than done

COLUMN — Despite urgings from the City to use the “zipper merge technique” during the now-daily traffic jams crossing the Overlanders Bridge, my observations Thursday morning suggest most drivers are reluctant to button up their politeness and go for it. 685 more words


ROTHENBURGER — Bridge cam is fun, but of little use

COLUMN — With a couple of exceptions, the much-anticipated traffic snafu at Overlanders Bridge has turned out to be a non-event.

(Please do note: the correct name of the bridge is Overlanders, not Overlander — the bridge is named for a group of gold seekers who traveled from Fort Garry over the Rockies and down the North Thompson River to Kamloops in 1862.) 554 more words


ROTHENBURGER — Court's ban on Lord's Prayer not a big deal

COLUMN — I read this week about Saguenay, Quebec where the council has been told to stop reciting the Lord’s Prayer at its meetings. The Supreme Court has ruled it violates religious liberties. 770 more words


COLUMN — Joining the ranks of patients without doctors sucks

COLUMN — Let me tell what it feels like to lose your family doctor.

It sucks. It feels like you’ve lost a good friend, a member of the family. 697 more words


ROTHENBURGER — I don't like being told what to do by the government

COLUMN — I happened to be in the dinner lineup with the minister of health at a fundraising event last night, so I asked him about a letter I received yesterday from the government. 526 more words