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ROTHENBURGER — Things I learn from what people send me

COLUMN — People are always giving me things to read. I think they have high hopes that if I read enough I’ll smarten up.

Christopher Seguin, the VP Advancement at TRU, handed me an article recently about student debt, because I’m always bugging him about it — that, and high student fees. 593 more words


ROTHENBURGER — Asking for letters, vs. actually writing them

COLUMN — Reading up on Ajax is no walk in the park. How anyone is going to decipher thousands of pages of stuff once KGHM submits its environmental assessment application is beyond me. 873 more words


ROTHENBURGER — Getting a family doctor begins with a form

COLUMN — The doctors’ list isn’t working.

Back in April, when our longtime family doctor gave three weeks notice he was closing his practice, I called a help-line number he suggested for the Division of Family Practice. 547 more words


ROTHENBURGER — So, gotta say, thank you so much

COLUMN — I was talking at a media coaching session recently on tips for giving a good interview when I mentioned that “gonna” doesn’t sound good on radio or TV. 483 more words


ROTHENBURGER — The power of electricity

COLUMN — We take for granted so much in our modern lifestyles.

My great-grandparents lived in this very house without insulation, electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing. 829 more words


ROTHENBURGER — Essential things to know on Canada Day

COLUMN — Each year, in the days leading up to Canada Day, I take the time for some personal reflection about my country.

Many years, I am fair bursting with pride at the things we have accomplished, the products we’ve invented, the people who have done great things for the world. 425 more words