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O mela jag waala saathi mere chalta rahe

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Le lo le lo sapnon ka saudaagar aaya

“Sapnon Ka Saudagar” (1968) was a Screen Gems production movie. It was produced by B Ananthswami and directed by Mahesh Kaul. The movie had Raj Kapoor, Hema Malini, Jayant, Tanuja, Achala Sachdev, David Abraham, Durga Khote, Nadira, Rupesh Kumar, C. 409 more words

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Pyaaraa hindola mera

“Us Paar” (1974) is an obscure movie by now, even though this movie is a recent movie by the standards of this blog. This movie was a Cine Eye Films Production. 483 more words

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Kotwal daroga apna ke ab dar kaahe ka mohey

Among poor section of society, especially in rural areas, being a policeman is the ultimate dream of unemployed youths. They want to become policemen because to them policeman symbolises unlimited power and authority, which enables them to bully and harass ordinary public. 627 more words

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Duniyaa ek kahaani re bhaiyya duniyaa ek kahaani

In Bollywood movies,”Mela” (Fair) plays a very important role in the progress of the story. Family members go to a “Mela” and enjoy themselves and then they get separated, only to meet at the last reel of the movie. 417 more words

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Mere naghmon mein un mastaana aankhon ki kahaani hai

Yesterday I stumbled upon the songs of “Alif Laila” (1953). From the names of actors, it appears a B grade movie, where Vijay Kumar, Asha Mathur, Nimmi and Pran were the lead actors. 284 more words

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Palti palti kismat palti

I came to know about the movie “Musaafirkhaana” (1955) recently. By now I have realised that though the movie is not great shakes, its songs are very nice to listen to. 326 more words

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