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马六甲必吃美食 - Malacca Must Eat Food!!!


1. Capital Satay Celup


下午五点开始就可以开始看见人龙慢慢聚集在这家店的门口。这家店仅有一家,别无分店,大家千万不要走错了! 如果大家不想浪费时间排队,可在下午4.30至5.00这段时间就赶到,那就能轻易的避开排队的问题了!

地址:41, Lorong Bukit Cina, Malacca. 电话:06-2835508 营业时间:5pm – midnight

2. 中华茶室海南鸡饭


地址:18 Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka (红屋/OCBC对面,过河即见) 营业时间:7.30am – 售完为止 45 more words


Singapore to Melaka on a KTM Duke 200 – Planning

I’ve been to Melaka countless times. Roadtrips, holidays with my parents. But it has always been in cars.

This time, I wanted to see if I could actually ride up there on my Duke 200. 254 more words


Exploring Melaka

What do you do when you feel like a sad, useless potato that you are?



That was literally the entire summary of my trip to Melaka. 2,064 more words


I jump off the local bus outside the Melaka Art Gallery. Across the street hordes of tourists are posing for photos with the Melaka fountain that is framed by the Christian Church and some trashy market stalls in the background. 1,875 more words

Travel Experiences

A small birthday celebration in Sirocco Restaurant - Holiday Inn Melaka

The other side family all have birthdays in April and therefore, every April we make it a point to congregate in the family home for one weekend to celebrate all three birthdays at once. 466 more words

Chitty Chatter

Restoran Hock Chin, Melaka (Siham, Lala, Tauke)

Wonder where to have the siham longkang at Melaka? The famous one usually people would recommend near to the Jln Bunga Raya and yes, eating siham just next to the longkang. 87 more words

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