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Vegetarian Oyster Omelette @ Yang Sheng Vegetarian Restaurant 养生 Melaka

While Oyster Omelette is all around Melaka, do you know that there is a vegetarian restaurant that serve Vegetarian Oyster Omelette? Not to mention that this Vegetarian Oyster Omelette taste exactly like Oyster Omelette, some even claimed it taste better than the real one. 234 more words


Malaysia - Truly Asia


My family went to Malaysia for our Christmas holiday. We went from 25th December until 28th December. Technically, this was our 2nd time Malaysia. The first one, we went to Johor Baru, through Singapore. 2,304 more words


1. Salah Bapak

“Astaghfirullah…kenapa sampai berdarah-darah ni Ajid?” Ibunya bising sambil membelek-belek kepala dan muka Ajid mencari punca.

“Ya Allah anak aku!”

Ajid tidak menangis, dia hanya diam sahaja. 1,124 more words

Melaka 1498

Costa Victoria Cruise : 27-30 Desember 2017 (part 1)


Sudah lama sebetulnya ingin coba naik cruise yang terkenal dengan makanan all you can eat dan berbagai fasilitas mewahnya. Apalagi sejak naik Viking Line cruise semalam dari Sweden ke Finland pas… 2,696 more words


In the shadow of rivals: Visiting Melaka

In contrast to the glitz and modernity of Singapore, visiting Melaka is like stepping back in time. There is heaps of interesting history to this Malaysian port city, but it strikes of a place that invested in tourism several decades ago and hasn’t yet truly reaped the rewards. 1,214 more words


Melaka Trip (5D4N) (Part 1)

This was the second time Myu went on a road trip (after Cameron Highlands). And it was a bit longer than the first. Melaka trip popped up when Papa told Mama that he planned to be off from work on Christmas week and Mama always had a nice feeling about Melaka. 1,158 more words


The Daily Fix Cafe @ Melaka

Daily Fix Cafe is a heritage-decorated unique cafe that gives off a cozy feeling when I was there. Daily Fix Cafe is a bit ‘shy’ as it is located behind a souvenir shop with the name of Next KK. 359 more words