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Book Review: "The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B."

Written by J.P. Donleavy, published 1969

I have¬†asked myself many times why the wonderful and sorrowful story of “Balthazar B.”, and John Patrick Donleavys unique style of writing are so unknown in the world of literature. 163 more words


Daddy - 'Lime Green Dress'

This blog is vastly skewed towards my taste in electronic music, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the melancholic. ‘Lime Green Dress’ is a dreamy, wistful and gender-bending take on romance. 41 more words

How to eliminate anxiety with these three simple approaches

Hello friends are you suffering from anxiety; want to get rid of from your medicines? Well answer is not far; actually it’s very near to you. 872 more words


Weddings versus Marriages?

So three of my friends are getting married soon. Shout out to Tola Awe Augustaleon, Alayande Niyi and Mustapha DesDes. And this got me in my usual introspective manner. 460 more words


My name is Paul and I'm a Christian melancholic

I have recently returned from a Christian festival. I have spent the last week camping in close proximity amongst 10,000 other people and have filled my days with large gatherings, seminars, conversations and non-stop human contact. 871 more words


How far have they travelled?

How far have they travelled?
Those white fiery cries,
From eyes of a maiden,
Till the heart of unspoken,
Unheard, unseen young lover?


Bits and Pieces by Lee Ramirez

Hands tainted in Ink,
Remembering what was the present,
And what is now, the past.

The bitter days and nights,
While some people laughed gloriously, 75 more words