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In Philadelphia, V

In the forest, I walked. 

Two of us, for years there have been two of us. This time we walked in the woodlands searching for the stretched leg joys and the scents of rained upon forest. 187 more words


men (cycle)

“Each have taken pleasure of my lips, breast and what’s in between my thighs,

but none had the tiniest inclination to hold my heart and wipe my tears, 74 more words


“I am always in between of wanting to embrace life and staying in bed

imagining not waking up the next morning…”

c.h.l 15:46


“The world doesn’t weep for the hearts that break,

we can only weep for ourselves,

we are just a bystander,

we can only watch it change slowly or drastically, 25 more words

The Starry Night

Night is a melancholy where darkness sing,
An infinite universe that swirl and swing.

Where a hundred demons dance & purge,
A thin red line that ends and merge. 30 more words


IoD | Zenosyne

It’s actually just after you’re born that life flashes before your eyes.

Entire aeons are lived in those first few months when you feel inseparable from the world itself, with nothing to do but watch it passing by. 292 more words


Geist Grimace

Excerpted from my living, a melancholic pall. 


I was walking in the hall and upon approaching the stairwell, opened the door and beheld a railing. 225 more words