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Ek samander...

Ek samander bahar ,ek mere ander hai

ek tuti basti bahar ,ek doobi kashti ander hai

khamoshi pasri bahar, sannate ki cheenkhen ander hai

ek samander bahar…ek Mere ander hai


"Goodness always Reigns in a Chaotic World. So be kind."

When I was very young there were a lot of things I used to do and some of them were, I used to smile at almost everyone, I used to go to the beach alone, travel anywhere, write poems and do message in a bottle whenever I’m stressed and lonely. 276 more words


The problem

I was told to trust my gut instinct, but the problem with my gut

Is that my body tells me different things

It throws me this way and that. 29 more words


I thought of writing some poetic...

and I couldn’t.

I thought of posting the poetic retelling of Niemöller’s “First they came…” and I couldn’t.

I want to speak out for the masses, the Syrians, the Jews, the Christians, the people of the Sahel, and the many others I do not know about, do not hear about, and probably will never see but I cannot find the words to describe the inhumanity of their plight. 420 more words


we know things.

My teardrops don’t fall like rain. They blow away, swimming through the wind like wishes made on dandelion fluff. They float away, following their own pathway, pretending they came from their own unique spark in the universe. 517 more words


There's a

That is uncommon
In these dwellings
Indeed it is
My heart jumps
At the sound of a
Distant siren
Is it approaching
Or fading out? 131 more words


I slept
And didn’t have any dream
then I woke up
And had a terrible nightmare

– anniejanecollins