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Estonian wind

i bend fingers counting
months that have
sold future of mine
for no price

and all is left are hands
that rub parched skin
rough, bleeding… 22 more words


Studies of bare branches

Location: Chalkwell Park, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK | Shot: 11.01.18

Location: Chalkwell Park, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK | Shot: 12.01.18

Now the festive season is over I can enjoy winter for what it is…the two images above are a celebration (in monochrome) of my love of bare branches:)


Poetry • I Don't Mind

i give them the rights
to point the gun
on my heart
to pull the trigger
to hurt me—

it is a wrong move… 104 more words


Bill Bailey: Orcs would listen to Behemoth

We ask Bill Bailey the questions that REALLY matter in the Metal Test 495 more words


cold winds, celebrate.

a wind blows
cold, through the center.
something of me used to be here.
tired and comforted;
and afraid.

your sentences repeat themselves;
am i stuck? 59 more words


Drift Away

Good evening,

I was thinking maybe I can structure each of the 3 times I post a week to include variety, and also more predictability. 148 more words

Sorrow of the Moon

Sorrow of the moon©Laurent Monserrat, Paris, 2018.

Sadness of the Moon

Tonight the moon dreams with more indolence,
Like a lovely woman on a bed of cushions… 243 more words