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as the earth turned

and her heart burned

she suddenly felt



A fresh start.

Sometimes all I wish for is starting over from scratch. Erase everything, the most gruesome memories and start over into a new life, keeping my boyfriend obviously but leaving behind everything else. 165 more words


At The Very End

I am adrift the endless sea

Of song and memory

Old Earth lies barren

The stars shine no more.


The pain in our eyes.

The look on the woman’s face alone made me want to read her article.

Authored by Kirstie Edwards, the article was as heartbreaking as the look on her face. 450 more words


Nobody Speaks

Inside there’s hunger, an appetite for disaster. Feasting on your presence only makes it last longer. But I’m far from the jury, I wouldn’t dare cross your presence with the tip of my finger. 94 more words


My favorite cup of coffee is the cup, not the coffee. The best thing about this cup is that I received it for free from the staff at my local public library. 545 more words


The Castle in Fairytales

The Castle in Fairytales
Bryan Resngit

Like a castle strong and sturdy
I’ll protect my precious princess
My gray hard stones are ever ready
To shield her from all menaces… 173 more words