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The saddest feeling ever?

When your hurting and nobody even cares.

When you want yo say a lot but no one’s there to listen to your words. 58 more words


Embracing The Night

Beats me why they decided to run the words together for their name, but other than that mild irritation, Thenighttimeproject’s self titled album proves to be a fairly satisfying listen. 34 more words


To the Guy Who Led Me On

I miss everything about you.

I miss how you’d wake me up at 5AM with a, “Good morning.”

I miss how you’d beep on me in the middle of the day just to say “Hi!” 883 more words


The Girl Sitted on the Corner

They say she got a beautiful face,

Her heart too innocent, too gullible.

So she let them see and fill the empty space

But they only left her in pain, in fear, strangled. 144 more words

From the bottom

My thoughts keep me awake and there are many of them.

Like when hope comes last and the fear becomes tangible.

There is calmness that makes me quiver and I hunger for the chaos. 162 more words

When a writer falls in love.

When a writer falls in love with a person,they will call them the breath of fresh air. They will describe them like the wave of the cold ocean at 2 in the morning. 415 more words


And the urge grips you. Take a pill. Take 2. Take 7. Take a whole bunch. Lose count. End that pain and disappear into fog. 16 more words