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Your petals shall wither and it will flutter softly in the summer air, but you’ll never forget the time you are just a tiny bud,the time when life is easy. 21 more words

Knew You'd Never Been There / Secret Sister - Seize the Chair 

Format: 7″ black vinyl

Side A: a supreme slice of lo-fi melodic angst that channels the best of 90s indie poetry and mixes it into a tasty pie of glittery guitar and up front bass. 79 more words


The melancholy of an ordinary girl

When the world fails me,

My thoughts save me,

Console and comfort me

I can get lost in my thoughts,

Like the sea with its rippling waves, 48 more words


Close your eyes

Can you hear it?

The wind is whispering, she wishes you to listen,

Can you hear it?

The rustling of leaves, they are talking excitedly, 83 more words


I’ve written a couple of poems just for you,

You probably didn’t know, probably have no clue,

You are busy with the blues that you’ve been feeling, 175 more words

would you care then if I slit my wrists?

because that, darling, is getting harder to resist..

-the gypsy


Part of a larger story, exploring a woman’s trauma after a sexual encounter leads to terrifying cosmic revelations – and her attempts to forget what she learned at all costs.¬† 608 more words