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Dear Ann Coulter,

Before you go spewing “facts” about the cultures of the Americas (excluding the US) and how crime rates, rapes, drugs, etc. are “their culture” (see article… 115 more words


The Night Eternal

Last night i had a dream.
I woke up scared,
Because no matter what happened,
I ended up dead.
I’ve built this life on a rigid frame, … 97 more words


Fly above

I’m in a little bit of funk at the moment and all I feel like is feeling the wind against my face and fly away. Guess you call it Peter Pan syndrome. 21 more words

Fashion Photography

“The melancholic incessantly verbalises self-reproach. ..Freud notes a ‘trait of insistent communicativeness which finds satisfaction in self-exposure’” – Death-and-Desire-in-Hegel-Heidegger-and-Deleuze http://ift.tt/1cxiguU

“In melancholia the ego … identifies with the abandoned object. ..The incorporation of the lost object becomes ..a preservation of the loss but also an idealization of loss in the form of an ego-ideal.” – SUZETTE MIN http://ift.tt/1QJca9R