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Stacey Beckley

Good morrow, my lady.

It is most beauteous crown you wear as you embrace the fair lady Helena.

Perchance we soon will at good Flightees meet. 10 more words

Art And Illustration

Why the long face Sarah Capon?

Sarah’s a bit of a dark horse in the dressage circles I’m told, her horse isn’t though. It’s white. See…

Toodlepip possums.

Art And Illustration

Jake Enkera

King of the Jungle and devilishly whiskery fellow, Jake would be quite the scary kitty if he didn’t look so cheeky.


Art And Illustration

Jordan Albury, leave my chips alone!

They don’t call you The Seagull for nothing Mr Albury.

Serial stealer of the Cereal, Cunning looter of the Lollies, Jordan is infamous round these parts for begging, borrowing and stealing the sweeties. 15 more words

Art And Illustration

Jody + Amy

“True friendship is not being able to tell one heart from the other”.

I wrote that. Not bad eh?

Dime store philosophy aside, Jody and Amy are great friends and tough times have brought them even closer.
Hang in there lovely ladies!

Art And Illustration

Oh hello Pip Sheehan

Why hello Pip Sheehan,
It’s lovely to meet you.

What’s that Pip? You like my hat?

Reminds you of your Nanna’s old hat you say? 29 more words

Art And Illustration

Happy Birthday to you Katie Bierman

Na na na na na na they say it’s your birthday! Hoping you have a few extra sherry’s and a good ol’ fashioned knees up. (That’s a party and/or lively gathering for all of you with a dirty mind, especially you Katie).

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