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Love. Forgiveness. Repeat. I'm Sorry.

Forgiveness ends suffering and loss.

Forgiveness does not mean forgetting, nor does it mean that you’ve let go of the anger or guilt that what someone did was ok. 235 more words


Fall Feeling. Yogananda. Joy is Love. Poetry ❤️

Floating eyes closed peace several nights

Super consciousness heart beat control know knower known

Beyond limits of the human frame

Were I the floating sea I am the ocean in me… 59 more words



When all is said and done love is always an adventure. Every experience, every twist and turn every courageous action is simply a surprise and a delight. 81 more words


Mantra from the Madness

When your heart is alternately breaking and expanding with equal beats in a rhythm of truth you are fully alive, bearing witness to the events of our days. 397 more words


11 Things to Know to Enter Mels Love Land

Number one is a big one….

1) Sometimes there is nothing to do but be loving.

 Like Einstein shared ‘Time and space are illusions of consciousness’ let it all go, and be present.   694 more words


The Library of Congress and The Capital - Mels Love Land Sunday Love Talks...

One of my greatest loves is a good afternoon spent in the library. I love all spaces that hold ideas and stories and books for sharing. 177 more words