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Mels Love Land Issue 6 | Balance

This month, we celebrate the balance of Love. In Balance. Love is everlasting. Life is celebration. Joy is alive in each moment. Laughter heals wounds and promotes connection.   164 more words

For The Next 100 Days

STAND UP. SPEAK OUT. TAKE ACTION. Right Now. For what you know to be true.

We have the opportunity right now to assume any position we want to assume, why not choose Love?  What loving action is calling to be made, right now. 465 more words


Faith in Ourselves and the Universe At Large Mels Love Land #Next100 Day

Consider the possibility today, everyone you meet is offering you a gift.  Let everything reveal itself exactly as it is exercising your inner musculature of not doing — and just be. 131 more words

For The Next 100 Days

Start Something Loving. Forgiveness and Mels Love Land

“Manifestation begins with the willingness to make room in our beliefs for something that doesn’t exist. We create that “something” through the force of consciousness and awareness.”  Gregg Braden  This force of consciousness allows forgiveness to flower into healing the soul of humanity. 364 more words

For The Next 100 Days

Claim Peace. Surrender Your Heart. Make it an I AM day. Mels Love Land Day 15

To be afforded insight into the human heart, to be able to bare witness to the light bulb moments, reconnecting and resurrecting parts of yourself that had long lay dormant, detoxing from whatever weighs you down, is intense. 327 more words

For The Next 100 Days