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A cool thing and sweet '16 goals

It’s our first date.  Saturday 15 December 2012.  A week after we met at the Tranny Banger’s 30th birthday party.  A black tie affair at a club just off Regent Street, in Soho, London; it all started with the hors-d’oeuvres that first night.   810 more words


Sunday musings =)

I love the 7th day of the week. It’s the day where everything seems to slow down. Where we can take the time to stop running and actually start living. 900 more words

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Hello Good Mornings! 😉

Sneaky late night entry before super early wake up for tomorrow’s work ;)…

Have you ever stopped and thought about what makes your good morning? Is it the first cup of coffee you make before dashing off to work? 227 more words

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2016 Changing Seasons - January

Last year I participated in a monthly blog series called The Changing Seasons.  The series was initiated by fellow blogger Cardinal Guzman from Oslo and involved people from all over the world posting photographs from their home town or city each month. 199 more words

Melbourne Life

Summer in Melbourne 😎☀️🌅⛅️

How time has flown! Already the end of the very first month of 2016 😱😱

Not to worry though, Summer is still here for another month ;) and I must say Melbourne has epic Summers! 602 more words

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#17: A nice place to sit =)

The first theme of the day post for 2016!

Song of the day ;)

I want the sky – nothing says summer like this song! 445 more words

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2016 New Year Resolutions =)

I’ve always made New Year resolutions, although admittedly by the end of Jan, they are completely forgotten! Most of the time we tend to forget them when we tried shooting for the stars and ended up far from there. 760 more words

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