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Week 2: Self compassion- Kindness Challenge

Yes I know, the point of the Kindness challenge is to focus on a different prompt every week! But with uni exam prep, blogging didn’t really happen. 338 more words

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I'm back!!!! To writing =)

Mini hiatus from blogging over! Uni law exam done and dusted last week. Officially on a 2 week winter break ;) Now I’ve got all the time in the world to catch up on the Kindness blogging challenge, cooking, foodie and museum explorations and just life in general! Winter break bliss!!!

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(2/2) Zuaad

“Today I am normal but usually I am so shy and it’s really hard for me to speak. I am even embarrassed to speak with my sister in English. 37 more words

(1/2) Zuaad

“When I first moved here from Colombia and needed to speak with Australians or English speaking people, I got so nervous and forgot everything in my mind, in both English and Spanish. 11 more words

One Republic's Comeback! No Vacancy.

I’m a huge fan of One Republic. Especially in awe of Ryan Tedder’s songwriting and vocal abilities ;) The first time I stumbled across the epic band was in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- the tesla coil scene {Secrets was the soundtrack ;)} 218 more words

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a different beat \\ pause and breathe

Many people who are ahead of their time become celebrated as geniuses, visionaries and eccentrics long after they are gone. The opposite is true for me, I think I was born a couple of decades late. 349 more words

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#26. Zap into the good times!

Well congrats on making it through the mini 26 adventures of moving out! ;) Now sit back and enjoy your place ;) Never can go wrong with the Unibookworm mantra. 45 more words

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