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Cultural Diversity Festival Volunteers

“We wanted to be volunteers for the festival to contribute to Melbourne’s multicultural diversity . It feels great to be part of the community by getting involved and meeting new friends . 31 more words

Ask Unibookworm.... April blogging challenge!

Well it’s been confirmed! No allocated theme for this year’s April A-Z challenge ;) Which means (drumroll please!) – it’ll be Unibookworm’s A-Z of moving out! 53 more words

20something Uppage

2017... Unibookworm on the move!

Hiatus on Unibookworm simply because… I moved into my very own apartment this year! ;) It’s honestly been the most relentless, craziest wild whirlwind that I have ever been in ;) Yes it took 1.5 months to get where I am. 47 more words

20something Uppage

(1/2) Katerina

“My parents were engaged in other languages when I was growing up. Every night before bed my Dad and I had our nightly chant which was saying good night in a few different languages – Buona Notte, Bonne Nuit, Buenos Noches, Selamat Malam and Good Night. 59 more words

(2/2) Shalini

(2/2) “There is a generation of the elderly who are now facing deteriorating health and complex life changes, who need our help after having lived full lives of contribution. 135 more words

Apartment Life: Gardening

Our family resides in a 1960’s brick apartment, one of eighteen in the block. At this point in time not a lot of my peers (peeps with young families) would dream of living in apartment, not in Australia anyway. 382 more words

Five of my must-do's in Melbourne

Melbourne gets my vote for the most liveable city in the world, and that’s not because I read the Economist (because I don’t). For me it’s not just the mixture of perfect brunch spots, hidden bars, hipster neighbourhoods and friendly people, it’s also the easily accessible public transport system, the culture, and the fact that there’s always something to do, be it going to a sports event, the theatre, gigs or pop-up festivals. 574 more words