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Slap Pals Potato Art

I love exhibition where I leave with free numbered artwork, even if I had to stamp and tear it out from the pad myself. It is more efficient that way. 377 more words

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5 Ways To Minimise Your Home Moves Expenses

Here we have a fundamental kitchen. We are going to show exactly what it takes to pack the kitchen and wrap. Firstly is actually setting up a workspace that works for you. 433 more words

Interstate Removals

Melbourne University Cricket Ground 2015

The University of Melbourne spent $6.7million on the award-winning Ernie Cropley Pavilion, which was opened in September 2014. Here at Scoreboard Pressure (where, admittedly, our view of the world is somewhat narrow) we can only guess there wasn’t any change leftover for a new scoreboard. 150 more words

Victorian Scoreboards

Coffee, cigarettes, and cold

My first week of uni is almost over, and I’ve gotten my school ID, my new hoodie with uni logo (yes, I’m one of those!) and my materials. 297 more words

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Ends and beginnings

First day of uni was great. I’ve liked all my professors so far, and have even met a few interesting people from my course. I made a friend because I forgot my pencil case at home, too. 227 more words


Ocean research vessel returns from the ice edge with first-of-its-kind atmospheric measurements


Scientists have commissioned Australia’s first permanent ship-based labs to study the influence of both natural ocean emissions and human emissions on the composition of air over the Southern Ocean. 552 more words


I Is Another begins

The collaborative exhibition I’m in called I Is Another opened this week at the George Paton Gallery at the University of Melbourne.

As a bit of background: 167 more words