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Review: It's always got to be blood

Art can be many things, an escape, a refuge, a comforting but stimulating vision of  what is immanent and transcendent, or a reflection on the human condition, or a combination of these, or something else entirely. 867 more words

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Australian Uni Believes Men Should Be Less Vocal

Students at the University of Melbourne have been taught via workshops on “male privilege.” These classes were a result of complaints by other students, who claimed they were being talked over in class…and that loud males had made them second guess their opinions. 558 more words

Change. Too fast. But, exciting all the same.

Whilst preparing for one of our assignments on Consolidate and Maintain Industry Knowledge at Victoria Uni on LSA, I realised how much changes have taken place in the libraries in the short span of time. 267 more words

(3/3) Bethany

“One of the most underrated aspects of learning a language is the fact that it can bring out different parts of your personality that weren’t necessarily there before . 89 more words

'Good Bones' with Stephanie Bowers

We recently took off to Melbourne for a few days with friends to take a workshop called ‘Good Bones’, with architectural illustrator and urban sketcher Stephanie Bowers. 317 more words

Melbourne University bows to pressure, removes racist professor’s name from campus

The collective insight of people who sought to remove a eugenicist’s name from a University campus building, is rather troubling. Of course, racists and bad people have existed in Australia’s past.

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Academic Bias