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Seasons that don't do what they're told

When you live in Melbourne, you can’t help but be overly concerned with the weather.

You can’t escape it. It’s not just another casual ice-breaker topic like in other, normal-climate parts of the world. 887 more words

Baby Girl

It's da BOM!

In my office building, as soon as I hear rain on the roof, I get all excited and rush to my computer screen. Yes, you’d think I’d go to the nearest window, but they’re all up the other end of the office and as the receptionist, it’s preferred that I’m at my desk to answer the phone and greet visitors (they let me off my leash for short toilet breaks, otherwise it’d get too messy). 452 more words


A taste of Melbourne unpredictability

If the weather from all different parts of Australia were curries, Melbourne’s weather would be one of the more mild dishes there.

It wouldn’t be a ragingly hot Vindaloo like Alice Springs or Broome, and it wouldn’t be the cold yoghurt that comes complimentary in a separate little tub, that would be Tasmania. 330 more words

Australian Life


I had a Valentines this year! Woooo!

Although it’s not the conventional boy-girl partnership, I went with one of my best friends Priscilla. It pretty much started out as ‘Hey Jasmine, wanna go out for V day?’ in our group chat and I was all ‘Wtf is V day’ and my two friends were both ‘Valentines -_-‘ . 383 more words


Food for thought on writing

The challenge isn’t in trying to write when your circumstances back you. The challenge isn’t in trying to find the time, the opportunity, the inspiration or the drive, when you’re… 211 more words



Lydia and I were looking for places to brunch New Year’s Day. Tusk was our initial pick, but when we arrived and it was shut, we had to rethink things. 828 more words


Josh and Kathleen - Rain dodgers

How would you describe Melbourne’s weather in 3 words?
Unique, unpredictable…