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Playlist for a Rainy Day

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re well :D

Once again, I’m in my favourite place, my bed, coffee in hand and listening to music.

This is my first completely lazy day in about a week, and since it’s absolutely pouring rain outside, I thought I’d just stay indoors where it’s nice and cosy. 96 more words

Melbourne Weather

Everything Summer, Please

Hey french fries!

Currently laying in bed, once again dreaming about summer. While this time last year I was laying by the beach instead, sipping my frappe, now I am freezing my butt off and online browsing all the summer clothes…as I have been doing since the weather turned. 165 more words


#97 May 31st

This is a weird one for me, very unusual being that here in Australia, May 31st is the last day of Autumn. This in itself is not particularly unusual, but the fact I am happy for the fact of it being the end of Autumn, means that I may just be consequently happy for the start of Winter… 333 more words


Still Life With No View

The streets, the pavement, both damp from lastnight’s rain, the dreary glum hanging off the grey sky bears upon the avenues and rail carred main roads. 338 more words


#93 Cold (Winter) walks in the Sun

Brackets, because really, we’re not into Winter yet. But if you had been in Melbourne two days ago, you would have been forgiven in thinking we were in the depths of this most gloomy of seasons. 329 more words


#34 Ducted Heating

I swore I wouldn’t put on the heating until at least April. But damn you, Melbourne. You just had to dip to below 18 this week, blowing your strong-ass winds into me as I hurried over to get my daily coffee near work. 21 more words