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#34 Ducted Heating

I swore I wouldn’t put on the heating until at least April. But damn you, Melbourne. You just had to dip to below 18 this week, blowing your strong-ass winds into me as I hurried over to get my daily coffee near work. 21 more words


#15 The Solitude of Rain

Melbourne being the rollercoaster weather ride it is, following a few scorchers, today it’s raining.

It’s also been a pretty shitty day for me. It started off with very little sleep (enough to put anyone into a cranky state), a minor scare with baby girl, then multiple missed entrances and exits, on the way to and then… 130 more words


The Other Side of P.I.

We check out Rhyll – sleepy fishing village with view back towards the other side of the San Remo Bridge. Passing through conservation areas with low scrubby bush, rather like the coastal vegetation of back home in West Australia.(featured image) 410 more words


Melbourne Weather

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To all of our fellow Melbournians, please stay cool, hydrated and safe over the next few days. We all know that Melbourne weather is the butt of a lot of jokes, but this heatwave will be no laughing matter. 6 more words


NaNoWriMo Journal 2015: 4

Friday, 6 November 2015

Can’t talk. Writing.

Also finished my Astronomy course assessments today, and I passed, so hopefully by next week I’ll have my final results and certificate of achievement. 220 more words


The haunting morn

Thunder worthy of a Grand Event, broke dawn this bewitching day in Melbourne. Few slept until their alarm.The brave leapt to their balconies and yards, to watch the electric light show, before a curtain of rain eroded visibility and gave the thirsty gardens a heavy drink. 318 more words