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Science and the Sun

We are all lucky to live in a state known as the Sunshine State.  There are so many science activities that can be done to teach more about our powerful star.  462 more words


Marketing Plan

My aim in my blog is to discuss great foods, however while also relating to my followers and providing new content. This is why I’ve not only published blog post about reviewing restaurants but blog post about TV shows to ‘binge eat’ to. 596 more words

Pure Pie, Port Melbourne

At the moment, I’m waiting for my teacher registration to be granted and I’ve got a bit of time on my hands. The devil, so they say, will make work for idle hands; ideally I don’t want this to happen so I’m making sure a pie is firmly planted in-between my hands at least once-a-week. 239 more words


Tony's Pies, Essendon

This was my first pie since moving to Melbourne. I’d been in the country just under a week and was starting to display symptoms akin to an addict who craves their next hit (a bit of an exaggeration). 152 more words


In Search of Pies and Parmas

Hello internet: I’ve just moved to Melbourne, Australia – a city known for its high-quality, varied food scene.

However, being English, I crave substantial carbohydrates amidst all the sushi, soup and avocado. 42 more words


The Best Croissants In The World Are Made In....Melbourne!

I adore croissants, there’s  just something so light yet nourishing about these French delicacies. When I visited France earlier this year (see copious previous posts) I loved my morning routine of cycling to the ‘Artisan Boulanger’ to purchase freshly made croissants for my morning tea. 339 more words