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Air pollution in Australia’s major cities will worsen, in turn causing more premature deaths, according to a latest Australian-linked research on Monday (July 16).

More than 3,000 premature deaths in the country every year are related to urban air pollution and the figure could rise due to changing weather conditions, local media cited Australian researcher Jason Evans, a co-author of the findings published in the Climate Dynamics journal, as saying on Monday.

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Air Quality

My shit's fucked up

So I’m at work and struggling in a big way. It’s like after Friday that I’m allergic to it. I managed to get over my disappointment over the weekend, but as soon as I walk in the door I get smacked in the face with it again. 265 more words


Cocoa You Didn't - A Guide to Melbourne's Best Hot Chocolates

My name is Eliza Quinn, and I am a grown woman who loves hot chocolate. Coffee is just angry, bitter water, and I will fight anyone who tries to make me feel otherwise. 712 more words


Soaking it up

The week before last I don’t think I lifted an alcoholic drink to my lips. I don’t mind the odd solo tipple but I’m pretty much a social drinker, and very accomplished at it I am, too. 279 more words


Halifornia Apparel

Ladies and Gents,

I’ve partnered with a Canadian clothing brand called Halifornia Apparel and I am in love with everything they have to offer. I initially discovered this brand on Instagram and after having a look at their apparel, I could not resist the black daddy cap. 230 more words

Day Trips 2 Hours or Less from Melbourne CBD

Great Ocean Road:
The Great Ocean Road is just over 240km long, stretching across the south western coast of Victoria. It starts in Torquay and finishes in Warrnambool with the whole drive taking possibly 4 hours to complete (neither of us have ever done the whole drive so this is google maps estimation). 369 more words