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Come for me.

Days ago, I heard a crow
and thought he had come for me
yet I’m in yesterday’s tomorrow with Sorrow,
hands clasped desperately and down on my knees.


My Fear

When you take my hand
and lead me to the Ferris wheel,
I leave myself in your hand
because my fear dissipates
and dear, you are the reason… 40 more words


Waking up next to you.

I open my eyes every day,
To a blue-sky ceiling
And the sun shines in me,
When you’re tucked soundly,
Comfortably, in an over-sized tee… 9 more words


Maybe today is my last

Maybe tomorrow
I’ll finally have the guts
to spill all over.

When I’m gone,
forget and move on.

I was supposed to go
last year, anyhow, 27 more words


A month and 16 days

“I love you” said
in a month and 16 days.
Could you have been lonely?
And run words so carelessly?

Am I right or has my insecurity… 22 more words


Facing death and finding love

After many, many years of sitting at my computer desk and writing software for long hours, I was obese. Actually, what I should say is that I’ve been overweight for many, many years, I guess. 4,900 more words


She holds my heart

It’s hard to breathe,
When she holds your heart,
But threatens to rip it apart.