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Stannis Baratheon: Macbeth Revisited

It’s no surprise to find Macbeth‘s influence in A Song of Ice and Fire; both stories are steeped in political desire, fringed with the supernatural, and pulsating with an undercurrent of psychological torment.   5,375 more words

A Song Of Ice And Fire

You May Hate Them, But...

The Thrones fanbase is split on its varying like and dislike for the vast array of characters in the books and show. For most of us, we have some evil motherf**kers that we really hate and some incredibly likeable characters we can’t but love. 2,149 more words


A touch more on woods witches...

Another thing with the woods witches is that they seem to be the ones with the actual experience to certain ailments… such as greyscale.

Val warns Jon about Shireen because she, being a very possible woods witch or woods trainee, has more experience with greyscale than Jon… who has zero experience. 687 more words

Jon Snow

The "She" of GRRM's women

Work in progress page :)

It seems that George RR Martin first has glints of his Daenerys- Bakkalon the Pale Child come to him from the story… 4,736 more words


No Happy Choices and No Happy Endings: A Monstrous Sacrifice in TWOW


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“There is power in a king’s blood,” the old maester had warned, “and better men than Stannis have done worse things than this.” The king can be harsh and unforgiving, aye, but a babe still on the breast?

4,352 more words
ASOIAF Analysis

The Princes That Were Promised have an exciting list of podcast episodes to bring to the RSS feed in 2018.

Full-size, Westerosi-history, and character episodes include in-depth looks at  133 more words