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My Weird Theory About The Men On Game of Thrones (Spoilers)

Today, I’d like to take a break from our regularly scheduled program to talk about a wildly inappropriate TV show.

(Because 8 PM is when the kids go to bed and all the zombies come out.) 1,266 more words



Every best expression of Melisandre on Game of Thrones Season 6. She has beautiful expression after Stannis Baratheon was lost on battle. She has changed after that moment when she think she had wrong to interpret The Lord of Light sign. 28 more words


Why Is Melisandre Headed To Volantis On 'Game Of Thrones'?

Winter has come. The seventh season of Game of Thrones is off and running and with only seven episodes, HBO doesn’t have time to hold our hands and explain things like where characters are, the history of new locations, or how the actions of one character affect the powder keg that is Westeros’ political climate. 725 more words


Varys confronts Melisandre

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Official Synopsis: On a bluff overhead, Varys questions Melisandre about the distance she’s keeping from Jon. She replies they did not part on the best terms and she plans to head to Volantis. 449 more words

Season 7

'Game Of Thrones' S7E2 'Stormborn' Episode Review

Woah! Game Of Thrones strikes again with a killer second episode of the seventh season. Generally, with GoT you get varying speeds across episodes, but here they’ve got their foot well and truly on the gas! 588 more words

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Melisandre visits Daenerys

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Official Synopsis: Melisandre introduces herself and, in High Valyrian, informs Daenerys the Long Night is coming again and only the “prince who was promised” can save them. 921 more words

Season 7