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The Orcish Views on the Start of Season 5 (of Game of Thrones, of Course)

(Orcish Envoy’s Notes: Spoilers for Game of Thrones. If you’re not up on the show, don’t complain to the orcs. They just don’t care.) 303 more words

Game Of Thrones

Shots in the dark on Season Five (and beyond?) from a non-book reader (comments welcome but no spoilers please)

1.Ser Jorah either saves Dany or rides in at the end to help her ascend the throne.  I seem to remember a preview of the season showing him fighting someone in a Colosseum-type stadium – perhaps another trial by combat?  216 more words

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Pyromancy is telling the future from flames. And we can now predict with confidence that (in spite of the storyline in the books), Mance Rayder won’t be coming back from the dead now that Melisandre has roasted him over a crackling fire. 683 more words

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On Freedom and Power (“Game of Thrones” S5E1 Analysis)

(Before I start, let me say I still haven’t come up with a plan on how to run this blog. This is because I still don’t know my class schedule for the year. 1,699 more words

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Rich Rewrites Game of Thrones, Season 5, Episode 1: "Love in an Elevator"

JON SNOW: Aren’t you cold, my lady?


JS: But you’re barely dressed.

M: I’m aware.

JS: It’s 20 degrees at the Wall.

M: … 184 more words

Game Of Thrones Rewrites

Pre-Season 5 Game of Thrones Power Rankings

If you’ve followed me here from my old site on blogger.com, you may remember my Game of Thrones Power Rankings posts of which I did maybe two or three. 1,981 more words