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For healthy, forgiving cooking, try a foil pack in the oven: Recipe for fish tacos

Social media tells me that in part of the country, kids are already back-to-school. And so we are teetering between the lazy days of summer and the impending promise of crisp cool air, long sleeves and the desire to fire down the grill and turn on the oven instead. 553 more words


Kale chips, move over. Try making baked BBQ-flavoured zucchini chips

It all started with the kale chip.

I fell in love the texture of the thick, green leaf made thin and so delicately crisp by baking that it felt almost flaky, with just enough thickness to impart a satisfying little crunch before nearly dissolving into salty-grassy goodness on the tongue. 554 more words


Kitchen prestidigitation

I’m not sure what will happen.

The Kid no longer eats orzo.  “It’s a texture thing,” my child insists.

I, on the other hand, love the rice-shaped pasta.  692 more words


Melissa's Pie

My paternal grandmother, Geraldine, made awesome pie crust.  The grandchildren would dance around for the little cookies she made with dough scraps, jockeying for position to score the first one out of the oven, gladly accepting the trade-off of burned little hands and tongues. 584 more words


Serving fruit for dessert can be both virtuous and decadent: Recipe for bitters and berries

According to my grandmother, fruit is God’s candy, making it the perfect ending to a meal. I agree with Grandma — fruit is a lovely, healthy way to end a meal. 494 more words


Embracing the baked dinner as your weeknight meal solution: Recipe for 'best' baked chicken

People often ask me what my most-used kitchen tool is (a high-speed blender). But if you were to ask my mom that same question 30 years ago, I am sure she would have answered her Pyrex baking dish. 523 more words


Want to cut fat but keep the flavour? Consider cottage cheese: Recipe for lemon cottage cheese cake

Cottage cheese is a staple in my home. I love its creamy, mild flavour. It pairs perfectly with some garlic and herbs to make a protein-packed crudite dip, yet it also is at home in a quick dessert of cottage cheese and unsweetened applesauce (a d’Arabian weeknight favourite). 618 more words